9. Prefixes

9. Prefixes

Tim's room is a mess!

Main Practice:  Prefixes.
Revision:             anyway - fancy

A prefix is added to the beginning of a word. Usually, a prefix is there to give the opposite meaning to an adjective, adverb or verb, or make it negative, i.e.
dislike           don't like
impossible   something is not possible
untidy           something is not tidy
unpack          the opposite of 'to pack'

anyway -  can be used to end one topic of conversation and introduce another, i.e.
-  ...and so he failed his driving test.
-  I'm sorry to hear that. Anyway, shall we go shopping now?

(to) argue  -  discuss something in a serious way when someone disagrees with you, i.e.
  • Caroline and her husband are always arguing about money.
  • I don't want to argue about politics now. Come on, let's go and see a movie.

(to) fancy - to want: about food, drink, activities, followed by ing or a noun.
- Do you fancy (going for) a walk later?
- I fancy seeing a film tonight.
- He fancies a game of tennis this afternoon. (e.g. playing)
‘Fancy' also means: to have a romantic attraction for someone, e.g. John fancies Maria.

nonsense  -  stupid talk or, sometimes, just an opinon you disagree with, (can sound rude if
                         you don't know the person well), i.e.
- Ten cigarettes a day won't harm you.
- You're talking nonsense, of course ten, or even five, a day will damage your health.

tidiness  -  the noun for the adjective, 'tidy'.

uni - slang for university
Katie thinks her brother's room is a terrible mess. They'll have lunch together after she's unpacked. 

Complete the sentences.

Tim:     So you're back from uni. How long for?

Katie:   A week. God, you're so . Your room is a complete mess! 

Tim:      I . I know where everything is.

Katie:   But it's to live in such a mess.

Tim:      Nonsense. And I your tidiness where everything is always in
                the same place, it's boring.

Katie:   It's to argue with you.

Tim:      Anyway, do you fancy having lunch in town?

Katie:    Sure, okay, just let me first.


Complete the sentences, (change tense as necessary):

untidy - unhealthy  -  impossible - dislike - disagree - unpack 

1.  When we've shall go out and have a look around the town?

2.  It's to get there at three o'clock: our train leaves at two and the journey
     takes nearly three hours.

3.  His house was always so that we visiting him.

4. She has become very , eating bad food, never exercising, and not
    sleeping enough.

5. - The newspaper says children are on-line fifteen hours a week but I don't think
       it's too much.     
    - I , children are not playing outside enough.