8. Expressing liking

8. Expressing liking

Choosing a painting.

Main Practice: expression for liking
Revision:            (to) fancy

adore - to like something very much; often used about music, movies, art, food, i.e.
  • I adore my old Beatles' records, they still sound good.
  • She adores those old black and white movies.
  • I adore my aunt's garden; the flowers are so beautiful.
  • I adore my father's cooking; his pasta's are amazing.

(to) fancy - would like to / to want: about food, drink, activities. Usually followed by
                   ing or a noun, i.e.
  • Do you fancy (going for) a walk later?
  • I fancy seeing a film tonight. -
  • He fancies a game of tennis this afternoon.
  • I fancy a pizza for dinner tonight.

* Fancy can also mean to have a romantic attraction for someone, i.e. John fancies Maria.

fond of - to like, to have affection for somebody, something, i.e.
- He's very fond of his cousin; they were together a lot when they were children.
- They're fond of sitting in the garden when the weather's good.
- She's not fond of spicy food.

keen on - attracted to / like / fond of, i.e.
- Which university does she want to go to?
- Well, she's keen on Southampton.
  • I'm not keen on the idea of driving to Scotland, I'd rather take a train.
  • He's very keen on chess.

prefer - to like one thing better than something else, (used with ‘would' / ‘d to talk about a
                future event), i.e.
  • My brother likes heavy metal music but I prefer rap.
  • She likes volleyball but she prefers playing tennis.
  • I'd prefer to take the early train tomorrow.

really - gives a verb or adjective stronger meaning, i.e.
  • I really like her parents, they're so warm and friendly.
  • She really played well and won every game.
  • The wind was really strong.
  • The movie was really good.
Bill and Sam and their son, Tim, are choosing a reproduction painting for their home. At first they can't agree.

Complete the sentences.

Sam: I'm the Waterlillies. I Monet.

Bill:   Mmm, but it's almost abstract, Sam. I * the Van Gogh seascape.

Sam:  It's beautiful but I'd like something more relaxing to look at.

Tim:  Well, I like the Francis Bacon portrait.

Sam: It's amazing, but not quite suitable for our living room, Tim.

Bill:  What about that Monet, the Orchard in Spring?

Sam: Um, yes, the colours are lovely. I'm happy with that. Tim?

Tim: Yeah, okay…I mean, I think the Bacon's a lot more interesting , but I like
           the way the light comes through the leaves in the Monet.

Bill:  The Orchard in Spring, then. I'll buy it and then we can get lunch.

Tim: Can we go to an Indian restaurant, I really a good curry?

Bill:  How about Italian, I'm curry, but you do like pizza, Tim?

* fancy - (very informally) would also be possible in such a sentence.


Complete the sentences.

really - prefer - fancy - keen on - adores - not fond of

1.  She's tennis. She practices every day for two hours.

2.  He just classical music, especially Mozart.

3.  I'm jogging, but I do like going to the gym.

4.  She likes her new job.

5.  The brown sofa? No, I * the white one.

6.  Do you having dinner out tonight?

* fancy - (very informally) would also be possible here.