7. Weather

7. Weather

British Weather's crazy!

Main Practice:  Words for weather.
Revision:              Past Continuous  -  which  -  could (possibility)


Choose the meaning of the weather word.

1. It's pouring.

2. It's drizzling.

3. It's misty.

4. It's foggy.

5. It's boiling.

6. It's overcast.

7. hail

8. sleet

9. a breeze / it's breezy

10. a gale

11. a storm

12. changeable

Bill and his son discuss the British weather. 

Complete the sentences.

Tim:  British weather's crazy. Yesterday it was and we were swimming
            in the sea and now it's and I wanted to go for a bike ride.

Bill:  Well, last week the sky was every day and we never saw the sun,
           which was boring. This is better. I like a good rain storm.

Tim:  Our weather's so . It could snow tomorrow.

Bill:   No, Tim, we don't get snow any more.

Tim:  Why not?

Bill:   Climate change, our planet's got warmer, but when I was child we had heavy snow here.
Tim:  Look, it's stopped raining. Maybe now I can go for that bike ride.

Bill:  I don't think so. Look at that wind, it's a ; it could blow you off your bike.


Complete the sentences.

drizzling  -  sleet  -  boiling  -  changeable  -  hail  -  overcast  -  heavy  -  gale  -  mist  -  breeze  

1.  Look at the on the mountains, you can't see their tops.

2.  It's today; I think it might rain.

3.  - Oh, we can't go for a walk, it's raining.
     - No, it's only , come on, we won't get very wet.

4.  That is nice, it's refreshing.

5.  Our weather is so , you never know what it's going to be.

6.  Look at that coming down, you can see it bouncing off the cars.

7.   Yesterday we had a , it blew down several trees in the park.

8.  It's today. Make sure you put sun protection on.

9.  There was very snow last year. None of the roads were open for three weeks.

10.  - Look, is it snowing?
       - No, that's only .