3. Holidays.

3. Holidays.

The family discuss their holiday.

Main Practice: Vocabulary about holidays.
Revision:            Present Perfect  -  pick up 

brochure - booklet or magazine containing information

flight - an aircraft journey

half board - the fee includes breakfast and dinner when staying in a hotel

lively - having lots of life and energy; a person or a place, i.e.
  • She's a very lively child.
  • It's a lively town; there's a lot happening.

luggage - suitcases or bags when travelling

pick up  -  (Phrasal Verb) to buy a (usually) small item; to collect somone in a car, i.e.
  • Can you pick up a newspaper when you go to the supermarket, please?
  • I'll pick you up at seven. That should give us plenty of time to get to the airport.

resort - a place where people go on holiday

Roman ruins - architectural remains of the Ancient Roman civilisation

sandy beach  

sightseeing - visiting places of interest when on holiday

single room - a hotel room for one person with a single bed

take off - (Phrasal Verb) when an aircraft leaves the ground; also, to remove clothing, i.e.
  • Our plane takes off at ten o'clock.
  • Take off your shoes before you come in the house, please.

travel agent - the agency that makes arrangements for people to travel

twin room - a hotel room for two people with two single beds
Katie and Tim ask their parents about the holiday they're going to have.

Complete the sentences.

Katie: Where've you been?

Bill:     To the .

Tim:   So where're we going?

Sam:  Alcabra. The says it's a great resort with beautiful sandy beaches. It says the
            town is very with plenty of shops, cafes and a good night-life.

Bill:    And there're some Roman ruins nearby so we can do some .

Katie: What about the hotel?

Bill:    It looks very nice. We've booked so we'll have our lunch out each day.

Katie: What about my room, I hope I'm not sharing with Tim?

Sam:   You are. You have a . We can't afford to pay for two singles.

Tim:    What time's our ?

Bill:     We at nine in the morning.

Sam:   And please don't bring too much , we're only going for a week.


Complete the sentences.

luggage  -  half board  - resort  -  sightseeing  -  travel agent's  -  takes off  -  brochure  -  flight

1. We stayed at a lovely on the island.

2. Well, I'm a beach person but my wife likes to go .

3. Our at one so we should leave by eight o'clock.

4. She bought so much we had to pay extra to get on the plane.

5. Can you pick up a for Greek holidays when you're at the , please.

6. We always stay when we go on holiday. It's so nice to have lunch out at the    
    local restaurants.