4. Expressing disappointment.

4. Expressing disappointment.

The family's holiday is a disaster.

Main Practice:  Words expressing disappointment.
Revision:             Future Simple -

awful (adj)  -  very bad; it can have a very serious and a less serious meaning, i.e.
  • The hurricane was awful. Three people were killed.
  • I forgot to buy my father a birthday present. I feel awful about it.

can't stand  -  not able to accept something / strong dislike. Followed by noun - ing, i.e.
  • I can't stand my job: it's so boring.
  • He can't stand living here: the streets are so dirty and noisy.

disaster (n.)  -  a terrible event affecting many people but it can also be used in 
                              informal English to mean a personal, bad experience, i.e.
  • The earthquake was a terrible disaster for the country.
  • The meal was a disaster: everybody came late, the fish was over-cooked, and nobody liked the dessert.

disgusting (adj) - horrible, repellent, i.e.
  • The house was disgusting. None of the rooms had been cleaned for months.
  • His language was disgusting; he was using swear words all the time.

pretty bad - almost as strong as ‘very' and is used to emphasise an adjective, i.e.
  • She's a pretty good swimmer.
  • The weather's pretty wet, I don't think a walk is a good idea.
  • He did pretty well in his exams.

a nightmare (n) - a frightening dream or a bad experience, i.e.
  • The journey was a nightmare. The train was freezing cold, there was no food or refreshments and then David lost his passport.
  • The exam was a nightmare. The questions were not the ones her teacher said would be asked. And then the heating broke down so the room was freezing.

upset (adj) - sad, unhappy, disappointed, i.e.
  • I was very upset to hear that your uncle had died.
  • She was upset about losing her job but now she's found another one.
Bill and Sam and their children are on holiday. But it's a nightmare: there's no beach and the food is terrible.

Complete the sentences.

Tim:   This holiday is a . There's no beach near the hotel.

Katie: And the pool has no water in it. And the food is .

Sam:   They're right, Bill: this is an holiday.

Bill:     I agree, it is bad.

Tim:    Dad, “ bad”? It's a nightmare.

Sam:   I'm very . We've spent so much money to come here.

Tim:    Well, when we go home we'll see the travel agent and ask for our money back.

Katie:  Can we go home now? I it here any longer.


Complete the sentences.

disgusting  -  can't stand  -  pretty  -  nightmare  -  upset

Use a capital letter where necessary.

1.  - Are you going to invite John to your party?
     - No, I him, he's always so rude to people.

2.   - How was the movie?
      - good, we really enjoyed it.

3.    - Are you enjoying university?
       - Well, the course and the tutors are really good but my accommodation is a . I
          share a flat with three other students. They never clean anything; the kitchen and
          bathroom are . I'm going to move out next week.

4.    - How's Lynne?
       - She's very , her dog died yesterday.