5. Strong Adjectives

5. Strong Adjectives

Bill and Sam complain about their holiday.

Main Practice:  Strong Adjectives
Revision:             Present Perfect  

Match the base and strong adjectives

1.   big                  
2.   small              
3.   hot                    
4.   cold                  
5.   tired                
6.   dirty                
7.   sure                
8.   impressive  
9.   bad                
10. angry                                 

* stunning = very beautiful, wonderful or amazing

Bill and Sam are so unhappy with their holiday they complain to the travel agent.

TA = travel agent.

Complete the sentences with the strong adjectives from the above section.

Note:  'very' cannot be used to strengthen strong adjectives, but absolutely is one word you
              can use with strong adjectives. 

Sam: You said the weather in Alcabra would be .

TA:    Oh, was it cold?

Bill:  It was absolutely ! And you said the hotel would be clean.

TA:    Oh, I am sorry, was it very dirty?

Sam: DIRTY! It was absolutely .

Bill:  What's more, you said the food would be good!

TA:    Oh no…was it…was it bad?

Bill:   It was .

TA:    Oh dear, Mr and Mrs Buxton, you must be very angry.

Sam: ANGRY! we're absolutely .

TA:    But what about the beach, it was impressive, wasn't it?

Bill:  Yes, it was but it was six kilometres from the hotel.

TA:    Oh, no. But the hotel swimming pool was big, wasn't it?

Sam:  It was absolutely . But there was no water in it.

TA:     Oh. 

Bill:   And our room was , not even big enough for one person.

TA:    Well. It all sounds awful. I am sorry. You must be very tired.

Sam:  Tired? We're absolutely .

Bill:   And we want all our money back. Every penny!

TA:     You want all your money back? Are you sure?

Bill and Sam: YES, we're absolutely !


Put the language you've practised into the gaps. 

stunning  -  certain  -  freezing  -  filthy  -  tiny  -  exhausted  -  huge  -  furious

1.  Can you turn on the heating, I'm absolutely

2.  The house was but the garden was , not even big enough for a picnic.

3.  She was absolutely her father would lend her the money. She was when he  
     said he wouldn't.

4.  I played football this morning and tennis all afternoon; I'm absolutely .

5.  Your clothes are , put them in the washing machine.

6.  The mountains were , really beautiful.