12. Adjectives + prepositions

12. Adjectives + prepositions

Bill's Head Teacher is leaving and he's not happy about it.

Main practice:  Adjectives + prepositions
Revision:            Present Perfect for recent action - sounds like  -  give up

brilliant - very good, i.e.
  • The movie was brilliant.
  • He's a brilliant cook.

(to) give up - (Phrasal verb) to stop doing something, i.e.
  • I'm going to give up playing basketball and concentrate on football.
  • She's giving up her job to go travelling for a year.

passionate / passionately - strong emotion, i.e.
  • She's passionate about tennis. She plays every day.
  • He's passionately interested in wildlife conservation.

sounds like - I think that is so, i.e.
- We're going to the beach later, do you want to come?
- Okay, sounds like fun.

- The government has refused to discuss the situation.

- It sounds like they're frightened of people's opinion.
Bill is a teacher at a state school. His Head Teacher is leaving the school and he's unhappy that she's going.

Choose the correct preposition for the adjective.

Sam: What are you looking so unhappy about?

Bill:  Janice Dodds, our Head, is leaving. We're going to miss her. She's very good the job.

Sam:  Oh, that isn't good news, Bill. When I met her she was so full energy. Why's she    

Bill:  Well, she's married a professor of engineering and he's been offered a good job at
           Liverpool University and Janice has found another Head's job in the same city.

Sam: It sounds like a good move for them.

Bill:  Yes, but I'm worried who we'll get for our new Head. Janice was brilliant, so
          different some head teachers who are really only office managers. She was
          passionately interested children and their education.

Sam: Why don't you apply for the job?

Bill:    No, Sam, I love being in the classroom teaching history and I'd have to give that up.


Complete the sentences with the language you've practised.

1.  I'm worried James. He's not doing well at school right now.

2.  She's always been interested politics.

3.  He's married my cousin.

4.  He's very good chess.

5.  She's very different her sister. Susan's full energy and always active but
     Dianne just likes to sit and read a book.

6.  He's very afraid dogs.

7.  France is famous its food.

8.  Why are you angry your brother? He didn't mean to break your toy, it was an