10. Superlative adjectives.

10. Superlative adjectives.

Katie hates Tim's desk.

Main practise:  Superlative Adjectives
Revision:            Present Simple - Present Continuous

Superlative adjectives:
- Adjectives with one syllable add est, tall  -  tallest
- Two syllables use most, helpful -  most helpful
- Two syllables ending er, y, or ow, add est, clever  -  cleverest -  busy - busiest  -  
   narrow  -  narrowest

- Adjectives with three or more syllables, use most, intelligent  -  most intelligent

(an/the) antique - an object or piece of furniture that is valuable because of how old it is

jealous - to be envious of what someone else has, or has done, i.e.
  • He's jealous of his brother because he has a lot more money than him.
  • She's jealous that her sister has got such a fantastic job.

lovely - beautiful, pleasant, attractive in some way, i.e.
  • She lives in a lovely house. The house is beautiful in some way.
  • He's a lovely person.  He has a kind, generous, fun personality.
  • We had a lovely lunch with the family. Could refer to the people we were with, the food itself, and the location we were eating.
  • It's such a lovely day. The weather is good.

old-fashioned - of a past era, not modern or current, i.e.
  • He wears old-fashioned clothes.
  • She collects old-fashioned objects.
  • His ideas about life are old-fashioned.
* If an object is antique it is usually valuable, but if it is just 'old-fashioned' it isn't necessarily

techno-savvy - savvy = intelligent; having good judgement. So in the conversation
                               Tim is saying that his desk is technologically impressive.

ugly - unattractive, regarding physical features, i.e.
  • The house is very large but I think it's ugly.

user-friendly  -  a machine or piece of technology is easy to use, i.e.
  • My new computer's very user-friendly.
Tim loves his new desk but his sister, Katie, doesn't.

Put all the adjectives into their superlaitve forms.

Katie: What is that, does it fly?

Tim:     It's my new desk. The (beautiful), (intelligent)
              desk in  the world.

Katie:   You mean, the (ugly) desk in the world. It looks like a space station.

Tim:      Ugly? This is the , (good) the , (fast) the , (interesting)
               the , (user-friendly) (techno-savvy) desk on
               the planet, and I love it!

Katie:    Well, I think it belongs on another planet.

Tim:      You're just jealous because your desk is the (old-fashioned)
                piece of furniture in the house.

Katie:    No, my desk is an antique, and the (lovely) piece of furniture in the house.

Tim:       You're not living in the modern world, Katie.

Katie:    Oh dear, I have the (crazy) brother ever.


Complete the sentences with the superlative forms of the adjectives.

1. This is the (easy) maths problem I've ever solved.

2.  He's the (young) in the family.

3.  She's the (friendly) person in my office.  

4.  That's the (expensive) meal I've ever bought.

5.  The five o'clock train is the (early). 

6.  It'll be a lot (cold) than your country.

7.   It's the (noisy) washing machine I've ever heard.

8.   This computer's the (slow) I've ever used.

9.    It's the (intelligent) animal on the planet.

10.  He bought the (clever) robot in the shop.