9. so - such - such a - so many - so much

9. so - such - such a - so many - so much

Bill and Salama's cycle ride.

Main practise:  so  -  such a  -  so many  -  so much
Revision:            why don't we…? -

be + so + adjective
  • The garden was so beautiful.
  • The food was so bad that we won't go to that restaurant again.

be + such a/an + adjective + noun
  • It was such a beautiful garden.
  • This is such an easy test

such + adjective + plural or uncountable noun 
  • We had such lovely weather on our holiday.
  • He tells such terrible jokes no one ever laughs.

so many + plural, countable nouns
  • The house had so many rooms I kept getting lost. 
  • She has so many friends I can't remember all their names.

so much + uncountable nouns
  • There was so much rain the town was flooded. 
  • He had so much luggage he had to pay the airline extra.

countryside / country - (uncountrable noun) rural land and scenery outside towns and cities, i.e.
- There's a lot of countryside where she lives.
- Let's go out in the country this weekend. Lets get out of town and visit the countryside.

glad -  pleased, delighted, i.e.
  • I'm glad you got the job.
  • She's very glad she's found a nice flat.
  • I'm glad you had such a good holiday.

peaceful -  quiet, calm, i.e.
- The countryside was very peaceful

pollution - damaging substances or chemicals in soil, air or water, i.e.
- The air pollution in the city is now so bad.

traffic - (uncountable noun) vehicles on public roads, i.e.
- There wasn't much traffic on the roads so we got there quickly.

(a/the) village -  a small community in a rural area
Bill and and his friend, Salama, have gone for their cycle ride, (see Everyday English Pre 7) but everything is busier than they expected and they decide not to stay in village they've ridden to.  

Complete the sentences.

Picture 1
Sal:  These roads are not usually busy.
Bill:  Well, it's nice weather. People have come out for a drive.
Sal:   Bill, there's traffic, why don't we get off the road?
Bill:  Good idea.

Picture 2
Sal:   Oh, this is better.
Bill:  Yes, I'm glad we left the road.
Sal:   It's beautiful countryside. We should come out here more often.
Bill:  Yes, it's quiet and peaceful.

Picture 3
Bill:  Oh no, there are people.
Sal:   Well, it's a pretty village, it attracts a lot of people on a day like this.
Bill:  There's nowhere to sit down in the cafe. Shall we buy some sandwiches and find
           somewhere quiet outside the village?
Sal:   Yes, that sounds a good idea.


Complete the sentences.

so  -  such  -  so many  -  so much

1.  She's a good student I expect her to pass all her exams.

2.  There was much noise around the hotel we couldn't sleep.

3.  He's a rude person I'm not surprised of our friends don't like him.

4.  He could draw and paint well, even when he was a child.

5.  There was pollution in the city we had to wear masks.

6.  Well, it's a lovely old car, I'm glad we bought it, but it was expensive
     (that) we won't have a holiday this year.