8. Present Perfect Simple & Continuous

8. Present Perfect Simple & Continuous

Bill's * in trouble.

*Someone's done something wrong and they're going to be criticized or punished in some way.

Main Practice:  Present Perfect / Present Perfect Continuous
Revision:            Present Continuous for an arranged future - I bet - to clear up - straight away

Present Perfect: have (‘ve) / has ('s) + past participle
Use: In this conversation: to describe a recent action, i.e.
I've been to the dentist. (An hour ago.)

yet - we use this when we expect something to happen, i.e.
She hasn't started university yet.

Present Perfect Continuous: have (‘ve)/ has ('s) + been + ing
Use: In this conversation: to describe a recent continuous action, i.e.
I've been writing emails all morning.  

I bet  -  (informal) to express certainty, i.e.
I bet he'll buy you an expensive present.

clear up  -   to clean and tidy, i.e.
Clear up the kitchen after you've finished cooking, please.

straight away  -  immediately, i.e.
We must leave straight away or we'll miss the train.
Tim has chosen a new desk online and asked his father to order it. 
Samantha, Bill's journalist wife has been writing an article all morning and Bill has been learning Chinese.

Complete the sentences. Remember to contract:  I have = I've 

Tim: Dad, you ordered my new desk yet?

Bill: Ah, no, not yet. I've busy this morning.

Sam: And you prepared the food for lunch?

Bill: Ah, no, I'll do it now.

Sam: Bill, I asked you to do it. It's nearly one o'clock now and you know I had
           to write an article this morning.

Bill: Okay, I'll make a late lunch.

Sam: Bill, I don't want a late lunch, I'm interviewing someone at two-thirty.

Tim: Oh, oh, Dad's in trouble.

Bill: What about you, Tim, have you your homework?

Tim:  I'm working on it, Dad.

Bill: And I bet you haven't (clear up) your room?

Tim: I'm working on that too.

Sam: Bill… please do the lunch!

Bill:  Right, yes, sorry. I'll do it straight away.

Sam: And what you been busy with this morning?

Bill:  Chinese.

Tim: Chinese!?!

Bill:  Yes, decided to learn Chinese. I've been (practise).

Sam: Chinese? I don't believe it.


Complete the sentences as Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous. Remember to contract:  she has  =  she's

1.   He (phone) her yet.

2.   I've been (help) him clean his car.

3.   He's (speak) to John. 

4.   We've to the beach. The water was lovely and cool.

5.   been studying all morning. She needs a break.

6.   I've (read) your report very carefully, every word.

Which is correct:
7.   Scientists have discovered / have been discovering a new star.

8.    I've been reading / read the latest Harry Potter book and
       I've nearly finished it.  

9.   I've been buying  /  bought a new car.

10.  She's found /  been finding her purse.