7. do/don't, does/doesn't, did/didn't

7. do/don't, does/doesn't, did/didn't

Tim doesn't like his new desk.

Main Practice: do/don't, does/doesn't, did/didn't
Revision:            why on earth…?  -  ago

to be honest  -  this is my honest opinion, (can make a ‘strong' comment sound more polite,
                               more friendly), i.e.
- Do you think I should buy a sports car?
- Well, to be honest, I think it's a terrible idea: you're too old for a sports car.

Why on earth…? -  expresses surprise, annoyance; can be used with other question words, i.e.
- Why on earth were you so rude to him?
- Where on earth are we going to find a shop open at this time?
- When on earth are you going to tell her?  
- Who on earth lent you the money?
- How on earth did you learn to speak French so quickly?

ago - before the present time, i.e.
  • I saw her three weeks ago.
  • He gave me the book a long time ago.
  • The pyramids were built thousands of years ago.

old-fashioned - out of date; belonging to a time in the past, i.e.
It's a lovely hotel, rather old-fashioned, but very comfortable.
She collects old-fashioned clothes.
He drives an old-fashioned car; no power steering or CD player but it looks wonderful.
Bill and Sam have bought their son, Tim, a new desk for his room. Unfortunately, Tim doesn't like the desk.

Complete the sentences.

Sam: Well, you like it, Tim?

Tim: To be honest, Mum, no, I .

Bill: Tim, why on earth you like the desk?

Tim: I know, it's just not me.

Bill: Well, why you come with us to choose a desk?

Tim: You ask me to.

Sam: Yes, we , Tim.

Tim: Yes, four or five days ago. But I know you were going to buy it today.

Sam: But what's wrong with it? It's a lovely desk.

Tim: But you think it's a bit old-fashioned?

Sam: No, Tim, I .

Tim: Well, I . Sorry.

Bill: All right, well, look, you want to come with us now and change it?

Tim: Okay, but it have to be another wooden desk?

Bill: No, it , you can have a metal, plastic, or glass desk, anything you want.

Tim: Wait, I know, why I order one online?


Complete the sentences. Remember to use capital letters where necessary.

do, don't, does, doesn't, did, didn't. 

1.  - you ask Robert what he wants for his birthday?
     - Yes, and he want any more socks or ties.

2.  No, they enjoy the party. They like parties. It was a mistake to ask them to

3.  - Jack eat meat now?
      - I know. He when he came to dinner with me, he only had
         vegetables. you want me to ask him?

4.     he love her, do you think?

5.    Well, she take the job, but now she says she like it.

6.     anyone have the newspaper? I usually want to read it but
       today I ; there's an article in it about my university.