6. Comparative Adjectives and Phrasal Verbs.

6. Comparative Adjectives and Phrasal Verbs.

Bill and Sam buy a desk for Tim.

Main Practice:    Comparative Adjectives and Phrasal Verbs
Revision:               how about…?  -  look after

Comparative Adjectives
-One syllable + er, i.e.    small - smaller

-Words ending in a vowel + consonant, double the consonant, i.e. hot - hotter

-But ending in two vowels and a consonant, don't double the consonant, i.e. 
  great - greater 

-Irregular adjectives, i.e. good - better   bad - worse

-More than one syllable, use more, i.e.  expensive - more expensive

-Adjectives ending in er, ow + er, i.e. clever - cleverer   -   narrow - narrower

-Adjectives ending in y, + ier, i.e.   friendly - friendlier

how about  -  (informal) to make suggestions. Followed by ing  -  noun  i.e.
  • How about helping me clean the house this afternoon?
- What would you like to do this morning?
-  How about a swim?

go for  -   (informal) to choose, often when buying something, i.e.
- Do you see anything you like on the menu?
- Yes, I think I'll go for the seafood pasta.

- I'm not sure which jacket to go for.
- I'd go for the blue one: it looks much better on you.

look after - to take care, to protect, i.e.
  • I've got to go to the supermarket, can you look after the children for an hour?
- Can I borrow the car tonight, Mum?
- Yes, but look after it.

suitable - what's right or good for a person or situation, i.e.
  • I don't think that film is suitable for twelve-year olds, it's much too violent.
  • It's a formal party so make sure you wear suitable clothes.
Bill and Sam are in a shop, discussing which desk to buy their son. 

Choose the correct comparative form of the adjective.

Sam:  I like this one.

Bill:   This one's and .  (big  -  cheap) 

Sam:  Yes, but this one's . The wood is quality.
            And it's got shelves for books and folders.  (attractive  -  good)

Bill:   That's true, but it's a lot more expensive.

Sam:  Well, it is for our son.

Bill:   I know but…

Sam:  Or how about this one? It's than the other two and it's made of
            metal, it'll be much .  (wide  -  strong) 

Bill:    Yes, but Tim's with his things now. He'll look after any desk.
             All right, let's go for the one you like.   (careful)

Sam:   You're sure?

Bill:   Yes, you're right, it's and for what Tim needs.
            (nice  -  suitable)


Choose the correct comparative form of the adjectives.

1.  She's a runner than her brother.   (fast)

2.  The sofa is than the armchair.  (comfortable) 

3.  I think you're getting . Are you eating enough?   (thin)

4.  This village is than the first one.  (pretty)

5.  I'm now because I go to the gym three times a week.  (healthy)

6.  The cafe is than it was last weekend.   (crowded)

7.  This house is than mine.  (beautiful)

8.  He's than his brother.   (rich)

9.  The first book he wrote was .  (interesting) 

10. The kitchen is than the living room.  (warm)