5. Prepositions and expressions of time.

5. Prepositions and expressions of time.

Bill and Sam plan their day.

Main Practice:  Prepositions of Time
Revision:             Present Continuous for a planned action - why don't we? - while - by the way
                                to pick someone up



around one              about one o'clock
at two                        at two o'clock, i.e. that exact time
just after three      a few minutes later than three o'clock
just before four     a few minutes before four o'clock
half past six            thirty minutes after six o'clock
quarter to five       fifteen minutes before five o'clock

by the way  -  to introduce another subject into the conversation, i.e.
- ...and so, yes, I'm pleased I've got the job. By the way, have you seen John today?

to pick someone up  -  
(Phrasal Verb) to collect someone in a car, i.e.
- The movie starts at eight so I'll pick you up at seven.
- I'm picking up Jane at the station later.
* The object, then can be between the verb and particle, (pick you up) or after.

while  -  at the same time as, i.e.
- While I went shopping David cooked the meal.
- He looked after the children while she went to yoga.

why don't we...?   to make a suggestion, i.e.
- Why don't we go swimming this afternoon?
- Why don't you buy a new suit for the interview?
It's a Saturday and Bill and Sam are planning their day. Sam needs to take their son, Tim, to a guitar lesson, and Bill wants them to buy Tim a new desk.

Complete the sentences.

:  What are your plans today, Sam?

Sam: Well, the afternoon I'm meeting Lucy three. 

Bill:   Okay, what about this morning?

Sam:  Tim wants me to take him to his guitar lesson at to eleven and, let's see, 
            it's forty-five minutes so I'll pick him up at twelve.

Bill:   Right, well, I'd like to buy a new desk for Tim's room. Why don't we do that 
            while Tim's having his lesson, then we can all have lunch together?

Sam:  Yes, that's fine. Let's see, what's the time now?  

         (Check the picture.)

Bill:     ten.

Sam:  Good, I've got time to do some work on the computer.

Bill:    Okay. By the way, what time did Tim get home last night?

Sam:   I'm not sure of the exact time but it was one o'clock; you were asleep.

Bill:    That's too late in a school term.

Sam:   I know, we must speak to him about it when he wakes up.

Complete the sentences.

just before  -  around  -  at  -  half past  -  just after 

*Don't forget to use a captial letter when starting a sentence.

1.  I can't say exactly when I'll arrive but it'll be three.

2.  It was a one o'clock meeting and she was a little late; she got here one.

3.  The class will begin exactly ten o'clock.

4.  You're thirty mintues late, it's seven!

5.  - What's the time?
     - five. We're a little early. The train should be here in about seven minutes.