4. Past Simple  -  Past Continuous

4. Past Simple - Past Continuous

Tim stayed the weekend with a friend.

Main Practice:  Past Simple - Past Continuous
Revision:             Can I….?  -  really + adjective  -  to look after

to chill - to relax, i.e.
- What're you doing this evening?
- I think I'm going to stay at home and just chill.

to have a lie down -  to have a rest; a short sleep, i.e.
- I feel tired after our long walk.
- Well, have a lie down before dinner, then. 

to look after - to take care of someone/something, i.e.
  • I looked after the children while Ann went to the shops.
  • Yes, you can borrow the car but look after it.

to work out - a) to exercise, usually in a gym; b) to calculate, understand, i.e.
a) I worked out for two hours this morning.

b) I'll work out how much it'll cost to decorate the house.
b) I finally worked out why John doesn't like Susan.
Tim has stayed the weekend with his friend, Ravi. His mother, Sam, wants to know all about it. Tim's tired and wants to lie down but first tells his mum about his weekend.

Put the verbs in the correct tense

Sam:  Hi, (do) you have a nice weekend with Ravi?

Tim:  Yes, great, thanks.

Sam:  Well, come on, tell me.

Tim:  Can I tell you later, Mum, I'm really tired?

Sam:  No, you can tell me a little now, then have a lie down.

Tim:  Well, Friday night we just (chill) . We (play) some
            Play Station and then (watch) a DVD.

Sam:  Were both his mum and dad there?

Tim:  No, his Mum (work) in London. His Dad
            (look after) us. He (cook) great meals. We had a Chinese
            chicken dish with pineapple and an amazing curry.

Sam:  Sounds good. And what about Saturday?

Tim:   In the morning we (do) homework when Ravi's Mum came back
             and said, "Come on, let's go paint-balling," which was great.  Then
             this morning we (work out) at the gym and played some more
             computer games.

Sam:  Well, it all sounds great. We must have Ravi to stay here soon.

Put the verbs in the correct tense, either Past Simple or Past Continuous.

A couple (camp) in the mountains. The sun (shine) . There was

no wind. It was a perfect day for fishing.

  They (get) into a small boat and (row) out into a lake. They (fish)

when the woman's watch strap (break)  and her watch (fall) into the water.  A few

moments later her husband (catch) a large fish. But the woman (be) upset about

losing her watch.

   The couple (go) back to their camp to cook the fish. The husband (light) 

the fire when the woman (cut) open the fish and there, in its *belly, (be)  her watch.

The couple (be) very happy and (enjoy) the rest

of their camping holiday.

*the fish's stomach