14. Making suggestions

Tim's being bullied!

Main Practice:   Making suggestions
Revision:             Present Perfect

The following are all ways of making a suggestion: saying that you think X would be a good idea:
suggest + that + pronoun + *clause
  • I suggest that you catch a bus: a taxi will be too expensive.
  • My mum suggested that I should study to be a doctor but I want to be an actor.
* a clause = a part of a sentence that has a subject and a verb.

suggest + ing
  • He suggests visiting the castle this afternoon.
  • I suggest catching the early train.

Why don't + pronoun + infinitive...? 
  • Why don't you help your brother with his homework?
  • Why don't we buy a new computer, this one is so slow now?


*How about...?   (+ noun or ing)
  • How about a swim this afternoon?
  • How about going swimming this afternoon?
*Also: What about...?

no way  -  
(Informal)definitely not, i.e.
- Can I borrow your computer?
- No way, you lost some of my files last time you borrowed it.

a sneak
-  ('A sneak' has other meanings but in this conversation means someone who tells a 
                      person in authority, such as a teacher, that someone else has done something
                      wrong; the 'sneak' action is usually thought of as under-handed and unfair.)

(to) suppose - (suppose has different meanings but in this conversation means to believe
                               something to be true, though the speaker might not 100% sure.)
  • I suppose you're late because of the bad weather.
  • That's a lovely jacket. I suppose it was very expensive.
Tim is being bullied by two older boys at school. His friends, Mike and Ravi, make suggestions about what he should do.

Tim:    Almost every day now those guys are bullying me.

Mike:   you tell a teacher?

Tim:     No, everyone will think I'm a sneak, and a baby.

Ravi:    that you tell your parents, they should know about this.

Tim:     If I tell them, they'll come to the school and tell the head teacher.

Mike:   You need support. seeing the school counsellor?

Ravi:    Really, Tim, you shouldn't put up with bullying in silence.

Tim:     I'm not, I've told you two.

Mike:   No, you have to tell an adult.

Tim:    All right, well, I could see the school counsellor.

Ravi:    Good idea, we'll come with you.

Tim:     No way, that's not necessary. But thanks, anyway.


Complete the sentences with the correct term - 1-4 each of the first four terms is used only once.

How about - I suppose  -  I suggest -  why don't we....    I suggested  

1.   -  I don't like staying at home every weekened. It's boring.
      -  Okay, go on a camping trip to the mountains next weekend?
      -  Good idea.

2.   -  I wanted to play tennis but you're too tired after working all day?
      -  No, I'm fine. Sure, let's have a game of tennis.

3.   * asking your parents to come to lunch next Saturday, we haven't seen them
        for six months?

4.   -  I never have any money at the end of the month.
      -  Well, that you stop taking taxis everywhere; take the bus instead.

5.   -  Well, I said to him that now the children have left home this house is too big for us so
          sell it and move out of town, somewhere quiet? 
      -   he didn't like that idea.
      -  No, he didn't. He's lived in this house since he was a child.
      -   renting some of the rooms to students?
      -   that but he didn't want to.

* I suggest would be grammatically possible if the sentence was not a question.