11. Idioms (2)

main practise:  idioms
revision:                 a good + time  -  by the way  -  should + infinitive

a good + time/distance - a number estimated as the least, i.e.
- The journey will take a good five hours. At least five hours.
- London is a good hundred kilometres from here. At least a hundred kilometres.

by and large - mostly, i.e.
By and large we had good weather on our holiday.   Most of the time we had good weather.
She studies well, by and large.   Most of the time she studies well.

by the way - to introduce a new topic into the conversation, i.e.
- Are you going to Robert's party?
- Yes, I am, it should be good. By the way, did you speak to Ann about going to the cinema
   next week?

hang on a minute - wait a minute.

to be on the safe side - to do something in case it is necessary or helpful; to be cautious and
                                               avoid a risk, i.e.
- The weather looks good now but it might change so, to be on the safe side, we should take    
   rain jackets and umbrellas.

- The train leaves at ten. To be on the safe side, we should call a taxi for nine-thirty.

Bill is a history teacher at a secondary school. He has taken his students on a study trip to the historic site of the Battle of Hastings, (1066). He tells his students they can have an hour on their own but they must be back at the bus at four o'clock.

stu = student

Bill:  Right, you've all behaved well, so you can have an hour to explore the town
           on your own.

Stu:   Great, thank you, Sir, see you later.

Bill:  , you can't go yet. Now, listen everyone, the trip back to school will
           take two hours so, , we should be here at the bus at
           four o'clock. Now, any questions.

Stu:   Sir, can we leave our bags on the bus?

Bill:   Yes, you can, our driver will be here on the bus all the time. And, , please
            remember: I want a written essay on what you've learnt today on Monday. Thank you,
            now, off you go.

Stu:    Thank you, Sir.


Complete the sentences with the language you've practised.

by and large  -  a good  -  to be on the safe side  -  Hang on a minute  -  

1.  - Can you help me write this email?
      - , I'm just making coffee. I'll help you when I've finished.

2.    Yes, I'm enjoying my new job very much. , did Sally take her exams last week?

3.    - How was your job interview?
       - Well, I was a bit nervous but, , I think it went quite well.

4.    - I was sick again today.
       - Well, it's probably all that food you ate at the weekend but, , I think
          you should see the doctor.

5.    - How far is it to Jane's house?
       - Well, it's forty kilometres so we should leave about ten o'clock.