14. Discussion Language

Sam asks questions about climate change

Main Practice:  Discussion language.
Revision:            most + superlative  -  Present Perfect  -  should  

arguably  -  the speaker thinks their belief can be shown to be true, i.e.

  • She's arguably the best tennis player of her generation. 
  • Arguably, he knew his brother was stealing from the company but said nothing to protect the family name. 
  • The government, arguably, should have tackled traffic pollution decades ago.

    as a matter of fact  -  the fact is, the truth is, i.e.
- The Amazon is the longest river in the world.
- No, as a matter of fact, it's the Nile. 

- Jazz oringinated in Nashville.
- You're thinking of country music. As a matter of fact, the origins of Jazz are in the African
  American communities of New Orleans.

as far as I'm concerned  -  giving your opinion and clarifying that you are only speaking for
                                                     yourself, i.e.
- We don't use the cottage. We should sell it.
- Well, as far as I'm concerned, we should keep it: our family have owned it for a hundred
and some of us use it as a holiday home. 

  • As far as I'm concerned, it would be more convenient to get the earlier flight. 

    clearly  -  something  is easy to see, to understand, i.e.
  • Clearly, the communities cut off by the floods need help fast. The government should be flying in supplies.
  • I feel that, clearly, Robert is the best candidate and we should employ him.

    interestingly  -  to introduce a piece of information the speaker thinks is interesting or
                                    unexpected, i.e.
  • Interestingly, though he said the trial was unfair, he never actually said he was innocent of the crime.
- She voted with the opposition.
- Yes, interestingly, she changed her opinion when it was clear the government would lose
   the vote.

it's inevitable that  -  something is certain to happen; it can't be avoided, i.e.

  • The story is untrue and it's inevitable that she will sue the newspaper.
  • Another hurricane is inevitable; it's just a question of when.

    the general view  -  the opinion of most people in a given group, i.e.
  • The general view in the family is that she shouldn't marry him.
  • Among the directors the general view is that investment in another hotel is not a good idea at this time. 
Sam questions the Council Environmental Officer: What's the Council doing about climate change? 

Complete the sentences.
Check captial letters starting sentences to help you. 

Sam:  Climate change is the most serious problem facing the world today. What is
           Downhaven Council doing about it?

EO:    You're right, Sam, climate change will have, a serious effect on our
           planet. In the Council has been that we should leave the matter to the
           central government.

Sam:  That doesn't sound very positive.

EO:     I agree. , we should do more at a local level. , many of our town's
            business leaders agree with me and we're having a meeting about the issue next week.

Sam:   I see, and have you got any items for the meeting's agenda?

EO:     Well , we have. One long-term plan is to phase out petrol-driven
            buses and replace them with electric vehicles. Another, is a public information campaign
            as to what people can do with their own homes to reduce climate change.

Sam:   Well, that sounds like a good start.

EO:      I agree. But , it is only a start and we need to do much more at a 
             local level to encourage people to do what they can to help prevent the worst possible
             outcomes of climate change. 


Complete the sentences with the following language.

Use capital letters where necessary and it's inevitable is used twice.

the general view  -  as far as I'm concerned  -  arguably  -  interestingly  -  
it's clear -
 it's inevitable  -  as a matter of fact

1.  - The meeting is the last weekend of July.
     - No, , it's the first weekend of that month.

2.   - The land is cheap and it's in an ideal location.
      - I agree. I think we should buy it.
      - Well, I disagree, that the Town Council will refuse us
         permission to build a factory on that land. We'd be crazy to buy it.

3.    He says he doesn't like his job but, , when he had the chance to retire on a
       good pension he kept on working.

4.  -   is that government policy should focus on education. *, that
         is what is most important to the public.

5.  - Well, Pat, I think the situation is very confusing. 
     - No, it's not. Actually, that businesses are moving into that area of town and,
       therefore, it would sensible to set up our own business there. 
     - , Pat's right, it makes good sense to buy a property in that area.
        And that prices will soon rise so we should buy now. 

*It's clear could also go here but would not have a comma after.