13. Mixed expressions / discussion language

Sam's mother come to live with them?

Main practice: Mixed expressions / discussion language
Revision:           would referring to an event that may or may not happen 

as far as I'm concerned  -  from my point of view, i.e.
- So, who should we give the job to?
- As far as I'm concerned, Sophie is the best candidate: she has the experience we want    
 her references are good. 

a bungalow  -  a one-story house

cost a bomb  -  very expensive, i.e.

  • The holiday cost a bomb but it was worth it: we had a great time.

(an) extension  -  adding a room to your house; ground floor or a roof extension

point taken  -  I agree,  (often used with a contrasting view), i.e.
- Mobile phones can be a valuable source of information to the students.
- Point taken, however, if we allow them into the classrooms too many students will be 
  tempted to play games on the phones rather than use them as study aids. 

pretty  -  (Informal) to strengthen an adjective; almost as strong as 'very', (not usually used
                  with strong adjectives such as 'brilliant' or 'freezing'), i.e.
  • He's a pretty good swimmer. 
  • They're pretty bad at maths.
  • The movie was pretty awful, I wish I hadn't gone to see it. 

talking of  -  while talking about a particular topic the speaker has new information
                          to add, i.e.
-  ....and so Catherine will go to Manchester University in September. 

-  Ah, talking of Catherine, it's her birthday soon. Any idea what present we can get her?

(to) work out  -  (Phrasal Verb)  to calculate / understand something, i.e.
  • We need to work out exactly how much the house extension will cost.
  • worked out how to mend the car and fixed it this morning.
  • I've just worked out why Alan doesn't want Julie at his party.
Bill and Sam are discussing having Sam's elderly mother come to live with them.

Complete the sentences.
Sam:  It's my Mum's birthday soon.

Bill:  Ah, yes, your mother. What are we going to do about her now that she's
           getting too old to take care of herself?

Sam:  Well, , she can come here and live with us.

Bill:   But we haven't got a room for her, Sam.

Sam: , so we'd have to build an extension for her.

Bill:  That would

Sam: Yes, but Mum would have to sell her bungalow and we'd use that money.

Bill:  It would be a big responsibility.

Sam: Oh, I'm not so sure of that, she's independent. I think it would fine.


Complete the sentences with the language you've practised:
Don't forget to use capital letters where necessary.

talking of  -  point taken  - pretty  -  as far as I'm concerned  -  cost a bomb  -
work out 

1.  Yes, she's a good tennis player.

2.  The tickets but it was a great concert.

3.  - I must remember to buy James a new football shirt today.
     - football, are you going to the match on Saturday?

4.  -  Perhaps we should borrow more money from the bank.
     -  , we shouldn't borrow any more money.

5.  I can't how to put this sofa together; the instructions are very confusing.

6.  -  But the project has now been supported by four cities.
     -  , however, I still believe it needs to be improved.