12. Idioms (2)

12. Idioms (2)

Tim and Ravi's summer jobs.

Main Practice:  Idioms
Revision:             how's X going? - Present Perfect 

call it a day - to stop working at something; to leave a job; finish a relationship, i.e.
  • We've been working for eight hours. Let's call it a day and go home.

completely knackered - (Informal) very tired, i.e.
  • I've just done a thirty-five kilometre walk for charity. I'm completely knackered.

in charge of - to be responsible for something, i.e.
  • He's in charge of transport at the factory.
  • Johnny, you're in charge while I'm gone. Look after your brother and sister.

laid off - to be made redundant (lose your job because the company no longer needs you), i.e.
  • The company laid off a hundred workers this week to cut costs.

piece of cake - something was very easy to do, i.e.
  • The exam was a piece of cake.

(a) pain in the neck/*ass - something, someone is very annoying and causing problems, i.e.
  • I can't come to the beach, I've got to clean the car and go shopping with my parents. It's a real pain in the ass.

  • She's always asking to borrow things. She's a real pain in the neck.

* ass = backside / bottom (possibly offensive)
In their school holidays Tim and Ravi are doing summer jobs to earn some pocket money. Tim's working in a hotel, Ravi in a restaurant.

Compete the sentences with the idioms.
Tim:  How's your job going?

Ravi: Terrible. My boss put me in charge of making the teas and coffees but he's laid off two    
            staff to save money so I have do a waiter's job as well. I'm . The
            job's become a real .

Tim:  Then why not ?

Ravi: Well, the pay's okay and I'd find it difficult to get another summer job now. Anyway,
            how's your job going?

Tim: I'm on room service in a hotel. It's not busy. Most of the time I read or
           watch DVDs. It's .

Ravi: Lucky you. They don't need anyone else, I suppose?


Complete the sentences with the idioms.

a piece of cake  -  pain in the neck  -  completely knackered  -  laid off

1. Well, I've worked for the company for ten years but now I think it's time to . I
    want a less stressful job.

2. There were no taxis. I've walked from the station carrying two huge suitcases. I'm    
3. I got the house clean and tidy in just one hour. It was .

4. My brother's been , the company are *cutting down on staff.

5. Hotel manager: One of our guests is complaining about everything. He's a real

* Phrasal Verb: cut down on = to reduce, i.e.
  •    I must cut down on eating chocolate.