10. Common Expressions (7)

Bill didn't kill Barney.

Main Practice:    Everyday expressions
Revision:             an absolute nightmare  -  would have been - Past Perfect

an absolute nightmare  -  a bad situation, a disaster, i.e.
  • The exam was an absolute nightmare: I couldn't answer any of the questions.

    catch you later  -  see you later, i.e.
  • I've got to go now. Bye, bye. Catch you later.

I haven't a clue  -  I don't know; haven't the slightest idea, i.e.
  • Why is he travelling on his own around the world?
  • I haven't a clue. He's my brother but I can't always understand him.

I must dash  -  I must hurry, i.e.
  • Oh, is that the time? I'm late. I must dash.

it seems fair that  -  it appears reasonable, i.e.

  • It seems fair that you lend Jane your tennis racket, after all, she lent you her computer game.

I'm pushed for time  -   I don't have much time because there are things I must do, i.e.
-  Can you clear up the kitchen before you go?
-  I can't now, I'm really pushed for time. I'll do it when I get back. 

with any luck  -  with some luck or chance  X will or won't happen, i.e.
With any luck, she'll lend me the money.
He'll realise he's got to study more to pass his exams in six months, with any luck.
With any luck, it won't rain on our picnic tomorrow.
After we've glued it she won't notice you broke the vase, with any luck
Bill went to his neighbour's, Mr and Mrs Jones, to tell them he'd accidentally driven his car over Barney, their cat, killing the animal. But Barney's OK. Bill killed another cat. He explains this to Sam and Tim.

Sam:   What happened?

Bill:    Nothing. Barney's fine. I killed someone else's cat.

Sam:   Well, whose?

Bill:    I .

Tim:   Well, , Dad, it was a stray cat and didn't belong to anyone.

Bill:    Perhaps, but I'm still sorry for the animal, though relieved that it wasn't Barney. It
             would've been to have Mr and Mrs Jones always thinking
             that I'd killed their pet.

Sam:   Well, I've to get to work. Will you bury the cat in the garden, Bill?

Bill:    But I'm really , can you do it, Tim?

Tim:   Sorry, Dad, I'm late for school, I .

Sam:   You killed the cat, Bill, you bury it. Bye, darling, .


Complete the sentences with the language you've practised.

with any luck  -  an absolute nightmare - catch you later  -  haven't a clue  -  
seems fair that - I must dash  -  pushed for time

1. I can't help you with your homework now, I'm really . I'll do it later.

2. Well, I paid for the meal so you pay for the movie tickets.

3. I'm sorry I'm late. The traffic was ; it took me an hour to move five

4.  - What's time the London train?
     -  I , check the timetable online.

5.  - I'm really worried about John coming to the party. He always drinks too much and is
        rude to people.
     - Well, he doesn't like parties much, , he won't come.

6.  Oh no, is that the time? . Bye for now, .