11. Discussion language (4)

11. Discussion language (4)

Tim's school report!

Main practice:  Discussion Language
Revision:             pretty + adjective

bear in mind  -  to remember to consider or think about something, i.e.

  • When you're writing your essay, please bear in mind that examiners will
   expect to see clear paragraphing.
  • When we plan our journey we must bear in mind that less trains run on Sundays.

    by and large  -  mostly / usually, i.e.
  • By and large, I think the government's doing a good job.

    - Do the students come on time to lessons?
    - Yes, by and large.

    (to) have a point  -  to agree with one aspect of an argument / discussion, i.e.

- And, remember, the research on coffee was paid for by a company with links
   to tea production.

- You have a point, but does that mean the research was completely wrong?

pretty good  -  almost as strong as very, i.e.

  • He's a pretty good analyst but I think he's wrong this time.
  • The sales results were pretty good for such a young company. 

the fact of the matter is
 -  this is the reality, the truth, i.e.

  • The fact of the matter is, the house is old and needs a lot of money
   spent on it.
  • Yes, they were a great artistic partnership but, the fact of the matter is,
   they didn't actually like each other very much. 
While Sam is not happy with son, Tim's, school report, Bill is not so critical.

Complete the sentences.

Sam:  I'm disappointed with Tim's report.

Bill:  Really, it's not too bad.

Sam: Bill, he got two Cs in subjects he got Bs in last time. And his class teacher says he's not
           making as much effort as last term.

Bill:  Look, Sam, he's got As in maths, in English, and in History.
          And a B in Biology. I'd say that's good.

Sam: And a D in chemistry.

Bill:  Well, we must that he was sick with flu and missed three weeks of school.

Sam: Well, all right, I suppose you , but let's hope his next report is better.


Complete the sentences. (Remember to use capital letters where necessary.)

the fact of the matter is  -  pretty  -  have point  -  by and large  -  bear in mind  

1.  Yes, there are some negative things, but the internet is a good thing.

2.   that many climate scientists believe that examples of 
     extreme weather are linked to climate change. 

3.  Her analysis of the data was good. We were impressed.

4.  You must always that the weather here in the mountains can change
     very suddenly.

5.  Yes, you , the rapid growth of the city has put services such as public
      transport under a lot of pressure. 

6.   I think he played well. We must that he'd been out
     of the game with a leg injury for three months. And while you about him 
     missing that easy goal I still think we should keep him in the team for next Saturday.
     Anyway, , we don't have anyone else so he's got to be in the team.