15. Expressions of persuasion and refusal

Julian's idea for Bill.

Main Practice:   persuading - refusing 
Revision:           'you would' for future prediction  -  no matter  -  by the way


turn down  -   (Phrasal verb) to refuse a job offer,  an invitation, a request, i.e.  
-  Why did you turn down the invitation to Jane's party?
-  Because some of her friends were rude to my husband at her last party.

  • They turned me down for the manager's job. 

no chance  -  no possibility, i.e.
  • We've missed the train. Now there's no chance of getting to the meeting in time.
  • He has no chance of winning the race: he's too far behind now.
- Can I borrow a hundred pounds?
- No chance. (colloquial in this usage)

come on  -  a term of encouragement/persuasion, i.e.
-  I've got to stop and rest.
-  No, come on, it's only two kilometres to the hotel and we want to make it before dark.

-  No, you can't have some of my cake; I'm very hungry.
-  Come on, don't be greedy.

to run a business   -   to operate, control a business, i.e.
  • She runs two restaurants in London and one in Norwich.

a grand (n) - one thousand pounds (slang), i.e.
  • The car cost three grand; a bargain, really. 

a semi-detached house -  a house connected to another one 

Bill's snobbish brother, Julian, and his wife, Bianca, have come to visit Bill and Samantha. Julian has a business proposition for Bill, but he's not interested. 

Complete the sentences.
Pay attention to capital letters starting sentences.

Bill:       Sam said you had something to discuss with me, Julian.

Julian:  That's right, Bill. We've got four tea shops across the south of England. And we want
                you to open one in 
Downhaven and we want you to run it.

Bill:        Julian, I'm a teacher.

Julian:   And a good teacher but a poor one. As one of my managers I guarantee you'd almost
                 double your salary. 
, Bill, it's a great opportunity.

Bill:       Yes, and one I'm going to . I like being a teacher. 

Julian:   Listen, your salary....fifty grand in the first year.

Bill:      , Julian. I wouldn't enjoy managing a tea shop no matter how rich it made

Bianca: Sam, see this is a great opportunity?

Sam:      I'm sure it is. But, as Bill said, he enjoys his job. And, by the way, we're not poor.

Bianca: Well, you live in a small, semi-detached house.

Bill:       Our home, Bianca, and we like it.

Julian:    , Bill, I'm you're making the wrong

Bill:        Thanks for asking me, Julian, but Now, would anyone like coffee? 

Complete the sentences with the language you've practised.

absolutely certain - No chance - turn down - Surely you can - Come on

- Why did you David for the office manager job?

- Because I'm not sure he has the right personality.

- I disagree. see that he's got the right qualifications and attitude to be a manager. I'm he'd make a great manager. I think you should reconsider your decision.

- , I've made my decision and I'm not going to change it.

- , be reasonable. David's the guy we need.

- Sorry, but I'm not going to change my mind.