7. Common Expressions (3)

Save the Library!

Main Practice:  Common Expressions.
Revision:             Present Perfect - Present Continuous for an arranged future.


bound to  - (informal) certain to. Followed by the infinitive, i.e.
  • It's bound to be a good party. 
  • He's bound to love his birthday present, it's just what he wanted. 

campaign (noun)  -  an organized course of actions to achieve a goal, i.e.
  • The government has launched a campaign to help people to stop smoking.
campaign (verb) 
  • We're campaigning to stop the spread of nuclear weapons.

I'd be *glad to  -  (informal) be pleased to to do something for someone, i.e.
  • I'd be glad to attend the meeting, thank you for inviting me.
  • Drive you to the station? Of course, I'd be glad to.

*glad - happy/pleased about something, i.e.
I'm glad your mother's well again.
I'm glad you go the job.

I'm afraid  - means scared, of course, but here it is a way of saying sorry, i.e.
  • I'm afraid I can't help you now, I'm too busy.
  • I'm afraid the bank needs to see a better business plan before we lend you the money.

in fact  -  the truth, the reality is, i.e.
  • The play was bad, in fact, it was terrible.
  • It's not 50%, in fact, only 34% of the cars sold were imported from other countries.

I wouldn't bank on it  - (informal) the speaker is saying: I wouldn't be too sure, that 
                                               might not happen, i.e.
- I'm sure it's going to be sunny tomorrow for our trip.
- I wouldn't bank on it, one weather forecast says rain.

- Of course, he'll come to my party.

- I wouldn't bank on it: he doesn't like parties.

set up  -  (Phrasal Verb) here it means, to organize a group of people to work towards a goal,
                   but it can also mean to make equipment ready to use and to start a business, i.e.
  • We've set up group to stop heavy trucks coming through our village.
  • Set up the computer in front of the window, please.
  • He's setting up a delivery business.

was/were wondering  -  thinking, considering, i.e.
  • I was wondering if we should have a holiday this year; we haven't got much money.
  • We were wondering it you'd like to come over for lunch next week.
And sometimes to ask awkward questions, i.e.
  • I was wondering if you could possibly lend me £100?
Sam is a journalist. Jane Harris is a local politician on the town council and has phoned Sam to ask her to write an article for the newspaper about the new campaign group trying to save the old town library from demolition.

Complete the sentences.

Sam:  Hi, Sam Taylor speaking.

Jane:  Hi, Sam, it's Jane Harris from the council.

Sam:  Hi, Jane, what can I do for you?

Jane:  Well, we've a campaign group to save the old library and we
            if you could cover our first meeting for the newspaper.

Sam:  . As you know, I really want to see the old library saved. A campaign
            group sounds a great idea. It's get a lot of support.

Jane:  I .

Sam:  Really, why not?

Jane:  Well, a lot of people like the idea of a new library. The planners are offering
             to build restaurants and shops as well. Have you seen the design for the complex?

Sam:   I have. It's not inspiring, rather ugly,

Jane:  It is, and so we must fight the plans. We're meeting at six on Friday at
            the Pier Sports Centre, they've given us a room.

Sam:   Great, Jane. I'll be there.


Complete the sentences.

I'd be glad to  -  bound to  - we were wondering  -  I'm afraid  -  in fact  -  
setting up  -  was wondering  -  I wouldn't bank on it 

1.   I can't help you, I'm too busy right now.

2.   He's come late, he always does.

3.   Well, the team didn't play very well, , they were terrible.

4.  - She's a new restaurant. With all her experience in the
        restaurant business it's do well.
     - , there're already a lot of restaurants in that part of town.

5.  - I if you'd like to help us organize the party?
     - . Let me know when you're doing it.

6.    As you know, we've bought a lot of new furniture and if you'd
       like our old sofa and armchairs, they're all in very good condition?