10. Expressions for good news.

10. Expressions for good news.

The library's saved!

Main Practice: expressions for good news
Revision:           Present Perfect - ago

if something suits you  -  it is convenient or appropriate for you, i.e.
  • Will it suit you if we arrange to meet at three o'clock?
  • It would suit me better if the lunch was on the Sunday and not the Saturday.
  • Does this jacket suit me?
  • I don't think her new hair-style suits her.

over the moon  -  very happy; pleased, i.e.

  • She's over the moon to have passed all her exams.
  • He got the job. He's over the moon.

thrilled (to bits)  -  excited, i.e.
  • She's thrilled (to bits) to have been chosen to be in the play.
  • They're thrilled (to bits) with their new house. 
A local politician, Jane Harris, phones Sam, a journalist, to tell her that the old library is not going to be demolished. Sam is keen to do an interview with Jane about this good news.

Complete the sentences.

Sam: Hello, Sam Taylor.

Jane: Hi, Sam, it's Jane Harris. How are you?

Sam: Fine, thanks. And I hope you're well too.

Jane: I'm . I have some .

Sam: The old library?

Jane: Exactly. The Council has just decided to keep it. The meeting ended five minutes ago.

Sam: Oh, that's wonderful. . The campaign group must be so

Jane: that we've saved this beautiful old building.

Sam: Well, when can I interview you to do a story on this for the newspaper?

Jane: How about this morning?

Sam: What time would suit you?

Jane: Eleven, at my Council office?

Sam: See you then. And it's the .


Complete the sentences. Use each expression only once.

I'm so pleased  -  best news I've had in a long time  -  thrilled -  
over the moon  -
  fantastic news

1.  - Are you pleased you got the job?
     - I'm (to bits), it's a wonderful opportunity.

2.  - Rachel is much better. They say she can leave hospital now.
     - Oh, that's the .

3.  When he passed all his exams with A grades he was .

4.   your daughter got onto the university course she wanted.
     That's .