14. Phrasal Verbs (3)

Katie arranges to pick up her parents.

Main Practice:  Phrasal Verbs  (3)
Revision:             Present Perfect  

* Some of these phrasal verbs have other meanings but these are the meanings for this conversation. 

pick up  -  to collect someone in a car; the subject can come in the middle or at the end, i.e.
  •  I'll pick up James up at seven.
  •  I'll pick James up at seven.
But pronouns are always in the middle, i.e.
  • I'll pick you up at the station.
  • She'll pick him up outside the college. 

run out of  -  something is used up, finished, i.e.
  • We've run out of coffee = we had coffee but now it's all gone. 
Can be used with abstract nouns, i.e. time, energy...
  • The lesson must finish now, we've run out of time.
  • I have to rest, I've run out of energy. 

find out  -  to learn information about someone or something, i.e.
  • Did you find out who stole the money?
  • Can you find out what time the train leaves tomorrow?

set off  -  to begin a journey, i.e.
We'll set off for London at ten o'clock. 
I'll be setting off as soon as the rain stops. 

take off  -  when an aeroplane leaves the ground, i.e.
  • Our plane takes off at midnight.
  • We couldn't take off for three hours because of bad weather. 

Katie phones her mother to arrange to collect her parents from the airport after their holiday.

Complete the sentences.

Hi, Mum, are you having a good holiday?

Sam:   Wonderful, very relaxing.

Katie: Okay, what time does your plane land?

Sam:   Well, our flight from here at ten and should land at twelve, British time. Can
             you ?

Katie: Yes, no problem.

Sam:    Lovely, thanks.

Katie:  What terminal at the airport?

Sam:    I don't know. I'll and text you.

Katie: Okay, fine. So, if I from home at ten- thirty I'll get to the airport just before

Sam:   Great. Thanks. Is there plenty of food at home?

Katie: No, not really, we've bread, vegetables and fruit.

Sam:   All right. We can buy some on the way home from the airport. Right. See you tomorrow.

Katie: Bye Mum, see you tomorrow.


Complete the sentences with the language you've practised.

set off  -  pick up  -  run out of  -  take off  -  find out
Change the tense where necessary.

1.  If we don't find a garage soon the car will petrol.

2.  What time shall I you to go to the cinema?

3.  Have you when Mary's going to Spain?

4.  The plane at nine so we should for the airport around six o'clock.

5.   Well, I John at the station at nine and we for his college but 
       while we were in the car he realised that his computer had battery and
       he'd forgotten his charger. So I had to drive him all the way home to get it.