13. Verbs + prepositions

13. Verbs + prepositions

Katie dumps her boyfriend, Carl.

Main Practice:  Verbs + prepositions.
Revision:           deal with 

accuse of - to say someone has done something wrong or illegal, i.e.
  • Dave's father accused him of damaging the car.
  • She is accused of shoplifting and assaulting shop staff.

deal with  -   to solve a problem; cope with, i.e.
  • As a society we have to deal with the traffic pollution in our cities.
  • No, I'm sorry, I can't deal with you having five friends to stay the weekend.

insist on  -  to strongly demand that something is done, i.e.
  • The service in the hotel was very bad. I insist on a large discount.
  • She insists on all students being on time for lessons.

*Also with that + clause i.e.
  • I insist that you give us a large discount.
  • She insists that all students are on time for lessons.

object to  -  to say you disagree or disapprove of something, (often formal in use) i.e.
  • Our neighbours object to you playing music loud late at night.
  • We must object to the city council's intention to cut down these trees.
possessive - possessiveness  -  (in a relationship) wanting to dominate and control the other
                                                              person's life, i.e.
Neil is so possessive, he won't let his girl-friend go out anywhere without him.

Katie has been dating Carl for six months but he is very possessive. She's had enough and is now ending their relationship.

Complete the sentences.

Katie: I'm sorry, Carl, but I just can't your jealousy anymore.

Carl:  When have I been jealous? You can't jealousy.

Carl, I don't want to you. We're finished. Our relationship's over.

Carl:   But you can't just end it like that. What jealousy are you talking about?

Katie: You know exactly what I'm talking about. Every time I go out you knowing
              where I'm going, who I'm seeing, when I'll be back. Your possessiveness is driving me

Carl:   Yes, but only because I care about you, because I love you and want I to protect you.

Katie:  That's not love and I don't need protecting. Carl, we're finished.

Carl:   Are you seeing someone else?

Katie: No, I'm not. I just want to be single right now and my studies.

Carl:   Well, I'm not going to let you go. You can't end it like this.

Katie: Carl, you me having any freedom. Now I want complete freedom. We're
             finished. That's it.


Complete the sentences with the language you've practised.

Remember to add on the 3rd person 's' where necessary.

accuse of - insist on - object to - deal with - argue with - concentrate on

Our new boss is not the nicest guy. He has changed our times and now everyone being in the office at eight-thirty. And he casual clothes so now we all have to wear business suits. What's more, if we go to the bathroom he us being lazy and taking an unauthorised break. I try to my work but he's made everything so stressful it's not easy. He's not even competent at his job: he has two assistants who all the difficult problems. And you can't him, he thinks he's always right and won't discuss anything.