9. Future Continuous and Future Perfect

9. Future Continuous and Future Perfect

Tim is jealous of Jane's holiday.

Main Practice:  Future Continuous, Future Perfect 
Revision:            Phrasal Verbs  -  Present Continuous for a planned future

The Future Continuous:   will + be + ing
In this conversation the Future Continuous refers to action happening at a future time, i.e.   
- Don't phone after ten, I'll be sleeping.
- Will you be having coffee at the park cafe tomorrow morning?

The Future Perfect:  will  +  have  +  past participle
The Future Perfect refers to an action completed before a certain time in the future, i.e.
- I'll have done all the shopping before eleven o'clock.
- She'll have finished her exams by the end of June.

to do up something  -  to renovate, (restore to the orignal condition) or decorate, i.e. 
  • She's bought a beautiful old car which she's going to do up
  • They're doing up the house this summer; it hasn't been decorated for ages. 

to clear out - to tidy by throwing away things that are not needed any more, i.e.
  • We're going to clear out the attic this weekend. 

attic - storage area in the roof of a house or building. 

a plane takes off  
-  leaves, i.e.

  • Our plane takes off at ten-thirty am.  

to see someone off  -  to say goodbye to someone at an airport or station, etc., i.e.
  • I'll come to the airport to see you off.
  • Robert saw me off at the station.
Tim's jealous because he'll be helping his parents decorate the house this summer while his girlfriend, Jane, is going to Barbados and his sister, Katie, will be travelling around Europe.

Complete the sentences with the only the Future Continuous or Future Perfect.

Example:      Tomorrow (she'll)  (be working) (she)  (work) in London all day.

Jane: This time next week (I) (lie) on a beach in Barbados.

Tim:  Lucky you, we're spending the summer doing up the house. This time next
           week (I) (clear out) the attic.

Jane: Oh, well, I'm sure your parents are happy that you're going to help them.

Tim:  Yeah, me, not Katie, (she) (travel) round
            Europe with her boyfriend. It's unfair.

Jane:  And I'm going to Barbados. We're staying at a fantastic hotel that has all kinds of
            activities. By the end of the holiday (I) (have - be) scuba
            diving, para-gliding, gone deep sea fishing, and done some yoga.

Tim:  And the house (I) (have - decorate). Will you please be quiet
            about Barbados.

Jane: You're just jealous. Our plane takes off at ten in the morning, are you going to
           come and see me off?

Tim: I don't know. (I) probably (decorate) that day.

Jane: Oh, poor you.


Complete the sentences with Future Continuous or Future Perfect.

Remember to contract:  she will = she'll

1.  He said (mend) your car by midday tomorrow.

2.  This afternoon be (study) so please don't phone her.

3.  I'll (finish) writing the reports by seven tonight.

4.  He told me he'll (complete) all the interviews by the end of the week.

5.  At the end of this month (I work) eighty hours overtime.
6.   (I do) the shopping done by one o'clock then I'm meeting my mother for

7. Next year (I) (live) here for thirty years.