7. Conditional meaning and phrasal verbs

7. Conditional meaning and phrasal verbs

Sam has agreed to a tree house.

main focus:  Conditional meaning, phrasal verbs
revision:        by the way

as long as  - only if, i.e.
  • As long as we move away from fossil fuels, there's a chance to control climate change.
  • We'll have a picnic tomorrow, as long as the weather's good. 

clear up  -  to clean and tidy, i.e.
  • I must clear up my room, it's such a mess. 
  • Can you clear the kitchen up, please.  (Subject can come between the verb and particle.)

provided that -  only if, i.e.
  • Yes, your friends can stay over-night, provided that their parents are happy about it.
  • Provided that you pay now, we'll give you a 15% discount. 

otherwise  -  if not, i.e.
  • You must take a jacket, otherwise you'll be cold. (If you don't take the jacket you'll be cold.)
  • We'll have the conference in Paris, if it's not too expensive. Otherwise, it'll be London.
   (If we don't have the conference in Paris we'll have it in London.)

straight away  -  immediately, i.e.
  • You must phone him straight away and thank him for this lovely gift.
  •  I went to the hospital straight away, as soon as I heard about his accident.
Samantha has agreed to having the tree house. Her son, Tim, is pleased and is already thinking of things to do in the tree house. Then he asks if he can go out for the evening.

Complete the sentences.

: So we're going to have a tree house.

Sam: But your father pays for it.

Tim: Brilliant. I knew you'd agree to it in the end, Mum. I'll be able to have friends up there.

Sam: Yes, you behave yourselves and are careful.

Tim: Of course. Hey, can we have dinner in the tree house?

Sam: Yes, that you afterwards.

Tim: Sure. By the way, can I go to a movie tonight with Katie and her friends?

Sam: You've got to do your homework first, you can't go.

Tim: Fine. Right. I'll start .

Complete the sentences.

provided  -   clear up  -  otherwise  -  as long as  -  straight away 

1. You have to take the medicine, you won't get better.

2. Yes, you can borrow the car, you look after it .

3. Yes, you can have a party, that you the house afterwards.

4. you can pay me back at the weekend I'll lend you the money.

5.  We must leave , we'll miss the train.

6.  I told him that the house was free in July we would rent it for the
     rest of the summer. , we'd rent it for Christmas, that 
     we could have a discount. He said he'd get back to me but
     that was three days ago.