6. Linking words (4)

6. Linking words (4)

Bill and Sam buy a new car.

Main Practise: Linking words
Revision:           should  -  go for  -  good point


although  /  however  -    similiar to but and contrasts opposing ideas, i.e. 
  • Although she trained very hard she was not selected for the athletics team. 
  • Yes, moving the company to Paris was a difficult decision. However, it was
    the right decision. 

while  -  expresses a comparision between two ideas, i.e.
  • While his first novel sold very well, his second was not a success.
  • She's very good at sports, while her sister is more academic.

on the whole  -   generally, and to give a general opinion or summary, i.e.
  • On the whole, the company's products are well made. 
  • On the whole, the weather's been very good this summer.
  • On the whole, the class all do their homework.
  • I prefer the blue suit, on the whole, the black one looks too formal.

* what's more -  (usually spoken English) to add a point, i.e.
  • I've found a great flat in the centre of town. It's got two bedrooms,
    a garden and, what's more, it's only a five-minute walk from my office.

  • No, thanks, I don't want to go out tonight. I've had a tiring day and I
    haven't eaten. What's more, I've got to be up at six tomorrow for work.
Bill and Samantha are trying to decide which car to buy.

Complete the sentences with the linking words.

Sam:  Well, which car do you prefer?

Bill:   , I think we should go for the Saab.

Sam: I prefer the colour of the Citroen.

Bill:  Yes, it's nicer.  , it's older and doesn't have CD player.

Sam: But the Citroen's cheaper and we could use the extra cash. And,
           , it's bigger.

Bill:  Mmm, good point, I still prefer the Saab. 

Sam: Think of that extra cash. And the Saab is newer and
           has a CD player the children will like the Citroen more.
           Especially when we use some of the extra cash to fit a CD player.

Bill:  All right, I agree. Let's buy the Citroen.

Complete the sentences.

Use each word only once.
however  -  while  -  although  -  what's more  -  on the whole 
: use capital letters where necessary.

1.  - How was your holiday?
     - The weather was terrible. , the hotel was a *nightmare:
        dirty rooms, bad food, and rude staff.

2.     it was raining hard we went for a long walk.

3.    She's late to class every day. , she always does her homework well.

4.    Although the film was, , well produced, I didn't think it was
       as good as the novel. And I do understand that it's not easy to get a
       four-hundred page novel into a two-hour movie the film producers left 
       out some of the most important scenes from the book.

* A very bad, unpleasant experience.