5. Second Conditional

5. Second Conditional

Bill wants a tree house.

Main Practice:   Second Conditional 
Revision:             actually  -  expressions: cost a bomb  -  drop the idea  -  torn between

Second Conditional  -  If  +  Past Simple  +  would / could / might
                                             would / could / might + if + Past Simple

For real but unlikely situations, i.e.

  • If she ate better and exercised, she'd be healthier. (Probably she won't.)
  • He'd be happier if his children worked harder at school. (Probably they won't.)

For unreal situations, i.e.
  • If I was a premiership footballer I could retire at thirty.
  • I wouldn't live in Hollywood, if I was a film star.


cost a bomb   -   cost a lot of money, i.e.
  • The holiday cost a bomb but it was worth it, we had a great time.

drop the idea    -  forget it! i.e.
  • Getting a dog? No way, you can drop that idea!

torn between    -  the speaker can't decide between two options, i.e.
  • I can only have one holiday this summer and I'm torn between visiting my son in America
   or my daughter in Australia. 
Bill is wants a tree house in their back garden but his wife, Samantha, disagrees. 

Complete the sentences. 

Bill:   If we a tree house we have dinner parties in it.

Sam:  Bill, we could only do that in the summer.

Bill:  Well, we heated it we have parties there any time.
          And it would be a great place to relax.

Sam: It would .

Bill:  If we Dave to build it I'm sure give us a discount.

Sam: I think you should .

Bill:  Actually, I'm having a tree house or a swimming pool.

Sam: Neither of us go swimming, Bill.

Bill:  Ah, but we would,   we had a pool.

Sam: A pool is even crazier than a tree house.

Bill:  So we can have a tree house?

Sam: I didn't say that.


Complete the sentences with the three expressions you've
practised  -  drop the idea, cost a bomb, torn between  -  
make second conditional sentences.

1. It was a wonderful concert but the tickets .

2. If you worked harder, you  could  /   would   /   might  pass your exams.

Which word is the: 
Strongest:         Middle:      Weakest:  

3. We can't afford to buy a restaurant, please, .

4. Well, I'm buying John a new computer for his birthday
    or taking him for a weekend to Berlin. 

5. What happen the polar ice caps completely melted?

5. She be much happier her son lived nearer to her.

6. They be able to help him they had more money.