15. Speculating about the future.

15. Speculating about the future.

Tim and his friends discuss future society.

Main Practice: Speculating about the future. 
Revision:            Future Simple  -  Future Continuous  -  Mixed Conditional

very certain

bound to (be), ie:

  • She's bound to be late, she always is.
  • It's bound to rain soon: look at that sky.

    highly likely, ie:
  • It's highly likely the judge will send him to prison: it is the third time he's committed that kind of crime.
  • It's highly likely she'll take the job in Madrid: she speaks fluent Spanish and told me she's always wanted to live in.

little doubt (that), ie:
  • There's little doubt (that) the painting will sell for at least fifty million.
  • He has little doubt (that) his company will win the contract.

    moderately certain
    a strong possibility, ie:
  • There's a strong possibility the President's party will lose the election.
  • I see a strong possibility of these coastal properties falling into the sea in the next ten years due to climate change.

quite likely, ie: 

  • It's quite likely he'll  win the race.
  • Her promotion to director is quite likely in the next six months.
very uncertain 

almost no chance, ie: 

  • There's almost no chance of saving the building: the fire has caused too much damage.
  • I have almost no chance of passing the exam: I haven't studied enough.

    a slight possibility, ie:
  • There's a slight possibilty he'll lend you the money, but don't rely on it happening.
  • It's a slight possibility she may not be well enough to go on holiday, but she's improving
   every day so I expect her to be fit enough to go.
Tim, Ravi and Mike discuss future society. Mike is pessimistic but Tim and Ravi try to * look on the bright side.

*An idiom: to be positive about a difficult or negative situation.

Mike:  I'm pessimistic about the future. I mean, there's climate change, overpopulation,

Tim:   Well, I think you have to be optimistic. For example, everyone's to be
             driving electric cars soon and that will cut pollution and reduce climate change.

Ravi:  That's right. And it's likely that we'll be living on other planets in our 
             life-times and that will help solve any overpopulation on earth. 

Tim:   And there's a possibility that politicians will choose more envionmentally-
             friendly policies.

Mike:  Yes, but there's also doubt that we'll soon have designer babies, but only for
              those rich enough to pay for the technology. And Professor Stephen Hawking 
              feared that would lead to a new race of 'super humans'.

Ravi:   Well, while that might happen I believe humanity will make the right choices.        
              There's a difference in using genetic engineering to prevent diseases and trying to  
               improve humans.

Tim:    I'm not so sure, I'd say there's no chance of people not using a technology
              to improve IQ, length of life and physical appearance if it exists.


1.  There's doubt that our company will win the contract.

2.  There's no chance of us buying a house this year: we need to save more money.

3.  It's likely that climate change is a factor in the cause of the wild fires.

4.  It's a possibility that a new road will be built around the town.

5.  There's to be floods after all this rain.

6.  I thought it was highly John was the thief but there was almost to
     prove it. 

7.  There's bound lots of people at the party: Jane's parties are always very popular.