10. Time sequencers.

10. Time sequencers.

Sam and Tim have a car accident.

Main practice: time sequencers
Revision:           for ages  -  check out  -  pick up

all of a sudden -  something happens suddenly, i.e.
  • All of a sudden the cat jumped up on the table and knocked over the milk.
  • They were friends for years then, all of sudden, announced they were in love and got married.

as soon as  - immediately, i.e.
  • As soon as he arrives I'll tell him to phone you.
  • I'd visit the city as soon as you can, before they destroy all the lovely old buildings.

in the end -  finally, i.e.
  • *For ages she couldn't decide where to study. In the end, she chose Southampton University.
  • It was a very difficult chess problem but in the end Sally *cracked it.
meanwhile - during the time between two events, i.e.
  • We'll buy you a new computer at the weekend, meanwhile you can use your mother's.
  • The food will be ready in twenty minutes. Meanwhile, could you set the table, please.

while - during or at the same time, i.e. 
  • While Sophie was at work we prepared a secret party for her birthday.
  • I went to a coffee shop while John had his interview.

*for ages     = for a long time
*cracked it  = (informal) to solve something

to check someone out (medically)  -  (informal) to make sure they are not hurt, i.e.
  • The doctors checked her out and she has no serious injuries.

to check out  -  (informal) investigate, examine or try something, i.e.
  • You should check out that movie, it's really good. 

(to) pick someone up  -  to collect someone in a car, i.e.
  • Can you pick me up at the station at ten?
  • I'm going to pick Jan up from the airport tonight. 
   * pick up Jan is also possible.

shaken up  -  to suffer shock, distress, i.e.
  • His plane crash landed. No one was hurt but he was shaken up.
  • She witnessed a robbery at her local shop. It shook her up a bit. 
Tim and his mother, Samantha, have had a car accident. Tim phones his father to ask him to pick them up from the hospital.

Complete the sentences.

Tim: Dad, we're at the hospital. Can you come and pick us up? We had a car accident.

Bill: What!!!?

Tim: Don't worry, we're okay. I banged my head and Mum wanted a doctor to check me out.
          That's been done and I'm okay.

Bill:   Is your mother okay?

Tim:   A little shocked but otherwise fine.

Bill:  What happened?

Tim:  Mum was driving me to school when this guy came out too fast around
           a corner and hit the side of our car and crashed into a tree. he got out of the
           car he fell down. Mum helped him I phoned an ambulance.

Bill:  Then what happened?

Tim: Some people came out of their houses to help. We wrapped the guy in blankets. Someone
          gave him tea and the ambulance came.

Bill: Is Mum okay?

Tim: She was a bit shaken up but she's okay now?

Bill:  Is she there?

Tim: Mum's gone to see how the guy is, I'm doing some school work on my

Bill: What about the car, Tim?

Tim: Oh, it still drives okay, we came here in it, but it's going to need to go to the 
          garage for repairs.


Complete the sentences.

Susie has had a bad experience on holiday and phones a friend to tell them about it.

All of a sudden - as soon as - pick us up  -  In the end - Meanwhile - While 

Our holiday was a disaster. The country decided to have a revolution.
the streets were full of people and police fighting. The unrest quickly spread and
we didn't know if we'd be able to get a flight home. I was phoned the airport and
taxi services. , Harry phoned our embassy to get advice. Of course, all
the other tourists were doing the same so Harry couldn't get through. I called a taxi 
but the driver saw the fighting outside the hotel he drove away.
the fighting moved to another street and we did got another taxi
to . we were travelling to the airport the police stopped us twice but
when they saw we were tourists they let us continue. We had to wait five hours for
a flight but evenually we got home.