8. Linking words.

8. Linking words.

A hotel under the sea?

Main Practice: linking words:    in addition,  although,  however 
Revision:           Discussion language:     that's a good point  -  I take your point  -  I disagree

in addition  -  quite formal language that supports a previous point, i.e.
  • The university has an excellent academic reputation. In addition, its sporting facilities are
   world class. 
  • She has a Masters degree in computing. In addition, she speaks three languages.

although, however  -  introduce or link contrasting points, i.e.
  • Although he's eighty-five he still works five days a week.
  • We are interested in buying the house. However, we think it's over-priced.
Ann, a businesswoman representing a consortium, wants to build an underwater hotel at Downhaven. Samantha, a journalist, is interviewing her for her newspaper.

Complete the sentences.
:  So, Jane, you want to build a luxury underwater hotel off the coast of Downhaven?

Ann:  That's right. There's one in Australia and I think the UK should have one too. I believe
            our Ocean Hotel will be a great tourist attraction.

Sam:  I'm sure it could be. , the sea here is not as clear as the waters in Australia,
            will your guests be able to see much underwater?

Ann:  That's a good point and they will because of two reasons. , we have a
            technology which will take away the sediments that make the water cloudy. And
            , the Ocean Hotel will have powerful lighting to let guests see all the sea life.

Sam:  All right, can you tell me a little more about the project?

Ann:  Of course. The Ocean Hotel will have one hundred rooms, there will be a lagoon,    
            restaurants, and meeting rooms. , there will be a ballroom above the sea,
            and a cinema.

Sam:  It sounds wonderful, but very expensive.

Ann:  The Ocean Hotel will cost £700 million and this is a lot of money we have
            banks which have agreed to fund the project.

Sam:  But some local politicians say the building of the hotel will cause too many problems
            for shops and other hotels on the sea front.

Ann:  Yes, but when Downhaven built its sea piers people said they would cause
            problems. , they were wonderful attractions.

Sam:   I take your point, but the piers were not such large projects as your Ocean Hotel.

Ann:  I disagree, they were huge projects for their time. Believe me, Samantha, Ocean Hotel
            will be a beautiful twenty-first century building for Downhaven and it'll bring a lot
            of money to the town.


Complete the sentences with the language you've practised.

 1.  The government has increased funding for the universities. , it has invested
       heavily in improving the condition of old school buildings.

2.   Yes, she has worked hard.  , that is only in the last two months, before
       that she was very lazy.

3.     I agree that the plot of the film was original, I don't think the acting was good

4.  -  Why can't we go on holiday this year?
     -  , the house has got to be decorated and that's the only time we've to. 
         And, , we can't really afford a holiday right now. 

5.    I do understand that your holiday was ruined because of the bad weather I'm    
      afraid I can't refund your money for that reason.