7. Present Perfect - Second Conditional

And if we won the lottery....?

Main Practice: Present Perfect  -  Second Conditional 
Revision:            Present Perfect with for / since  -  could  -  whatever

Present Perfect -  have / has + past participle  (+ for / since)
  • She's been Prime Minister for three years now. (Covers a period of time.)
  • She's been Prime Minister since 2014. (From  point in time.)
  • I don't know how long exactly, but he's lived in the city for a very long time. 
   (Covers an undefined period of time.)
  • She's played the piano since she was a child. (From an undefined point in time.)

Second Conditional  -  If  +  Past Simple  +  would / could / might
                                             would / could / might + if + Past Simple

For real but unlikely situations, i.e.

  • If she ate better and exercised, she'd be healthier. (Probably she won't.)
  • He'd be happier if his children worked harder at school. (Probably they won't.)

For unreal situations, i.e.
  • If I was a premiership footballer I could retire at thirty.
  • I wouldn't live in Hollywood, if I was a film star.

a cruise       -
  a holiday on a ship, visiting different places.

the lottery  -  a form of gambling; buying numbered tickets in the hope of winning a lot
                            of money.
Bill and Samantha day-dream about what they would do with the money if they won the lottery.

Complete the sentences using the Present Perfect and the Second Conditional. 

Remember to contract:  I have  - I've

Sam:   you bought a lottery ticket?

Bill:   Yes, and (do) the food shopping for the weekend.

Sam:   Good. Thanks. Bill, we won the lottery what you want to do?

Bill:   Well, always (want) to take a round-the-world cruise. What would you
            want to do?

Sam:   Buy a plane and take flying lessons.

Bill:   Really?

Sam:  Yes, (want) to fly ever I was a child.

Bill:   Well, we had a big house in the countryside you land your plane in the

Sam:   And we could invite all our friends for weekend parties.

Bill:    And buy the children whatever they want.

Sam:   Mmmm, yes.

Bill:    Ah, well, it's nice to dream.


Complete the sentences using the Second Conditional and the Present Perfect with for / since.

Remember to contract:  I would = I'd   -   she would = she'd  -  he would = he'd

1.   pass the exam she (work) harder.

2.  Bill and Sam (live) in that house twenty years.

3.   I was Prime Minister raise the age limit for cosmetic surgery to twenty-one.

4.  Sam (to be) to three weddings this year.

5.   (I) be happier you didn't clean your motor bike in the kitchen.

6.   I (not see) her last summer. 

7.   If she (do not) live in a flat get a dog.

8.   She (not visit) her sister years.

9.   he didn't (spend) so much money on his phone be able to afford
      a holiday.

10. (love) the Beatles' music she was a child.