14. Present Perfect Continuous, Present Perfect

14. Present Perfect Continuous, Present Perfect

Katie's boyfriend, Carl, is too controlling.

Main Practice:    Present Perfect,  Present Perfect Continuous 

Present Perfect - have / has + past participle
The aspects of the Present Perfect in this conversation are:

For a recent action, i.e.
  • I've bought a new computer.
  • He's passed his driving test.

For an action begun in the past,continuing up to and including the present, i.e.
  • I've thought about this problem a lot.
  • He's never been happy about his daughter living abroad. 

Present Perfect Continuous - have + been + ing
Focus on the action, i.e.
I've been cleaning the car.

An incomplete action, i.e.
I've been painting the kitchen. It's nearly finished, only one more wall to do. 

Focus on how long something takes, i.e.
You've been playing computer games for two hours. Stop now, please.

A temporary situation, i.e.
She's been studying in Paris but she's coming back to London next month.

anyway  -  Used here to introduce a change of subject, i.e. 
...so it wasn't really a great party. Anyway, how are things with you?

how about  -  used here to mean: concerning this…
-  I never borrow money.
-  Really? How about that time you borrowed twenty pounds off me to buy Susie a present?

hanging out  -  (Phrasal Verb - informal): relaxing with friends or family, i.e.
- What did you do last night?
- Oh, I was just hanging out with friends in the park. 
Katie has been at home for a week while her boyfriend, Carl, has stayed at the university. She is beginning to find him too possessive. 

Complete the sentences. 

    Have you missed me?

Katie:   Sometimes.

Carl:     Only sometimes? * you all the time.
Katie:   Carl, how controlling you can be.

Carl:     Katie, controlling.

Katie:  Carl, you phone me every hour when I'm out with my friends. 

Carl:    That's because I care about you. Anyway, ?

Katie:  a lot. And hanging out with friends and seeing my family. How
               about you?

Carl:    you and studying too. So, are we still together?

Katie:  I don't know, Carl. I need time to think about it.

*I've been missing you would also be possible here.


Complete the sentences with Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous

a) When we want to emphasise the action we usually use the Present Perfect
b) Contract: not  I have  I've   -  not  we have  we've...

1.  How long (wait) for me?

2.   (finish) my homework. I'm going out now. 

3.   (have) three holidays this year.  Now we have no money left in the bank.

4.   (write) the book for five years but he's almost finished now.

5.   (buy) my suit for the wedding. It looks great.

6.   (study) all morning. I'm going to take a break now.

7.  There (to be) a bad accident on the road into the town.

8.   (come) to this restaurant for thirty years. The staff know me well and the
     food is always great.

9.    (always love) the Star Wars movies.  I have them all on DVDs.

10. (try) to call you all morning. I have to talk to you about the new project.