15. Vocabulary about romantic relationships, emotions and moods.

15. Vocabulary about romantic relationships, emotions and moods.

Lucy is up and down about her forthcoming marriage.

Main Practice:   Vocabulary about romantic relationships, emotions and moods.
Revision:           Present Perfect  -  First Conditional  -  Second Conditional  


  • (a) commitment    -   a responsibility that requires time and energy; an obligation, i.e.
    - Taking on the job of running the school will a huge commitment.
    - Having a dog is a big commitment.

    down in the dumps  - (colloquial) someone looks unhappy, miserable, i.e.
    - Why're you looking so down in the dumps?
    - Oh, I just lost my job.
  • His girlfriend ended their relationship; he's really down in the dumps about it.

frankly / frankly speaking   to speak honestly and directly, i.e.
- Well, we've finished decorating your living room. Are you pleased with it?
- Frankly, no. Some of your work is very *sloppy. You've spilt paint on the floor tiles and you
  used the wrong colour on the door.
*sloppy - untidy; incompetent, careless work

pretty + adjective  - (informal) ‘pretty' makes the adjective stronger; almost as strong as
                                         ‘very', i.e. 

  • It was a pretty good movie.
- How was the manager when you explained the problem?
- Well, he was pretty unhelpful.

What's up? - 
What's happened?/What's the 
problem? Also, a way of saying 'hello'.  i.e.
- What's up, you don't look happy?
- My bike's just been stolen.

- Hi, what's up, how's it going?
- Fine, how about you?

Sam's sister, Lucy, is getting married to Matt. She says she loves him but now she's having doubts about the marriage.

Complete the sentences.

Sam:   You look a bit down in the dumps. What's up?

Lucy: It's Matt. I fell madly in love with him the second I met him. I mean, it was love at first sight. But now we're planning to get married and…

You're not so sure.

Lucy: Yes, one moment I'm full of feelings about marrying Matt, then I feel .

Sam: We have talked about this several times, Lucy, and you know what my advice is.

Lucy: Yes, to wait. But Matt doesn't want to. He wants us to to each other by getting married.

Sam:  I've told you: marriage is too important to rush.

Lucy: Yes, but I don't want to lose him. I'm with him.

Sam: Well, if he loves you too he'll be happy to wait until you're really sure about getting married.

Lucy: I said that to him but he became and turned the
            argument around saying that if I loved him I'd want to marry him now.

Sam: Listen, Lucy, frankly, as I've told you, I have some  feelings about
           this marriage. I think 
you should wait and if Matt you he'll wait for you to


Fill the gaps with the following: 

desperately in love with -  extremely angry   -  make a commitment  - 
deeply confused  -  positive feelings  -  
truly love  -  depressed

1.  I'm whether to buy the house or not. 

2.  He became very after his divorce.  

3.  Do you her?  

4.  When you join the tennis club you to pay the fee on time at the 
     beginning of each month.

5.  I have very about moving to Scotland and taking the new job. I'm sure it'll
     work out fine.

6.  She became when the hotel refused to reduce her bill after all the poor 
     service she'd received.

7.  They were each other when they married and that remained
     strong throughout their lives.