14. Words about rudeness and boasting.

14. Words about rudeness and boasting.

Bill and Sam discuss their visit to Julian and Bianca's new house.

Main Practice:  Words about rudeness and boasting.
Revision:             sick and tired of  -  getting on my nerves  -  put up with  - 


(to) boast  -  to be too proud of something you have done, or own, i.e.

  • I'm making £100,000 a year now.
  • Our house has got ten bedrooms and a swimming pool. 
  • I passed all my exams with A+, actually.

getting on my nerves
 -  (Informal)  the speaker is irritated / annoyed, i.e.
sick and tired of            -  (Informal)   ...   ........... ..  ............ /  ............, i.e.
a)  He keeps asking to borrow money. It's getting on my nerves
b) I'm sick and tired of cleaning up your mess. Put your clothes away and don't leave
     plates and cups in your room. 

(to) look down on someone  -  (Phrasal Verb - Informal) to see a person as inferior to
                                                             you because they have less money or a lower social or 
                                                             career position, i.e.
- Now she's been promoted to a director of the company she looks down on her old
  office colleagues.
- Now he's become rich he looks down on people he was once friends with.

offensive  -  something /  someone that makes a person feel upset or annoyed, i.e.
  • When we complained that our room was dirty your manager told us to go and find another hotel. His attitude was most offensive.
  • Some people find it offensive that your company uses semi-naked women to sell your cars.

can't put up with
 -  (Phrasal Verb) can't tolerate or accept, i.e.

  • I can't put up with the cold weather. I go and live in Spain every winter.
  • That guy next door playing the drums is driving me mad. I can't put up with it. I'm going to phone the police if he doesn't stop.
rudeness  -  noun to describe being rude; saying or doing impolite things that hurt or
                         upset people, i.e.

  • Her rudeness to the waiter was incredible; clicking her fingers at him like that.

sarcastic  -  to mock by using words that say the opposite of what you mean, i.e.
- Good morning, you're early again. (meaning: you're late)
- Don't be sarcastic. I missed the bus.

snob  -  someone who respects wealth and social position too much and looks down on 
            people they regard as inferior, i.e.

  • He's such a snob he won't have his sister's family to dinner because they don't have as much money as him and can't afford designer clothes and expensive jewellery.
- How can they drive around in that old car?
- Don't be snobbish (adj). It's all they can afford. And they're very nice people.
Bill and Samantha are discussing their visit to see the new house belonging to Bill's brother, Julian, and his wife, Bianca.

Complete the sentences.

Sam:  I'm your brother and his wife us.

Bill:   Yes, their about their money , too.

Sam:  I mean, the way Bianca said that their new kitchen "only cost fifty grand,"
           trying to make us feel inferior because we're not rich. They're such .

Bill:    I agree; it's very

Sam:   And I can't stand Bianca's : the way she said, "Oh, well, your little kitchen's
            very sweet." 

Bill:     Well, now we've seen their new house let's hope we don't have to see them for a while.

Sam:    Yes, and thank God it's a long way from us. I can't put up with their for 
             at least another year.


Complete the sentences with the language you've practised.

offensive  -  rudeness  -  sick and tired of  -  sarcasm  -  snobs  -  boasting  -  
look down on  -  snobs  -  can't put up with  -  getting on my nerves

1.  Please stop whistling when I'm trying to study; it's .

2.  I'm Alicia's . She's always telling how great her song-writing is,
     how brilliantly she plays the piano. She should shut up or we should ask her to leave the

3.  Okay, so we clean the factory floor, empty the rubbish bins and fill up the drinks machines
     but that's no reason for the managers to us. I'm their
     . It's very . I think we should complain to the Director.

4.  My husband's family were related to aristocrats. They my family. They're
     . I really their company.