13. Buildings and restoration

13. Buildings and restoration

Julian and Bianca show off their new home.

Main Practice:  Words for Buildings and Restoration
Revision:             Present Perfect

abandoned - to leave a place or a person, i.e.
- The city was abandoned in the eighteenth century.
- He abandoned his wife and children and moved to another country.

a ruin / in ruins - the remains of a building that has been badly damaged or destroyed, i.e. 
- The city was in ruins after the war. 
- She bought a house in Italy. It was a ruin but she renovated it.

character  -  qualities of a person or thing. To say a building has 'character' suggests it has    
                          qualities that make it interesting or attactive; often desribes old buildings
                          suggesting that in their long existence they have acquired a 'character', rather
                          like a person has a certain character, i.e.
- He bought a lovely old house with lots of character. Everything's original, nothing's been

preserve  -   to keep something in its original state or condition, i.e.
- The house has got lots of character; we hoping to preserve the original windows and

put in - (Phrasal Verb) to install something; put equipment in place ready for use, i.e.
- We're having new central heating put in this week.
- They've put in a new bathroom. It looks fabulous.

(to) restore -  to return something to its original state, i.e.
-  She's bought an old car, which she's going to restore.
-  It took a lot of work, almost three years, but they restored the house; it looks beautiful now.

run-down (adj)   -  a) in a poor condition through neglect, lack of care
                                      b) a person is unwell because of exhaustion, extreme tiredness
a)  That area of town is very run-down.
b)  He's run-down.  He's been working 70-hour weeks and needs a very long rest. 
Bill's brother, Julian, and his wife Bianca have bought a historic mansion which they have restored. They are showing their new home to Bill and Sam.

Complete the sentences.

Julian:  The house was completely . Some parts of it are very ancient, the tower, for
                example, is eight hundred years old.

Bianca:  It was by the last family to own it; no one's lived in it for fifty years.

Julian:   The west side was in ruins but we've managed to it to a almost its original

Bianca:  We decided to preserve the medieval tower as it is, even though it's .

Julian:   Yes, we can't use it to live in but it looks great, I think. It gives the house ,
                 don't you think?

Bill:        Yes, it certainly does.

Bianca:  Come and see the new kitchen we've . It's and only cost us fifty


Complete the sentences with the language you've practised.

run-down  -  preserved  -  ultra-modern  -  restore  -  put in  -  character  -  abandoned 
hint: restore is used twice.

1.  The heating system's very old in the school so we're having new radiators next

2.  The house was a ruin when we bought it, no roof, no floors, walls falling down. We've
      spent a lot of money on new floors and a new roof but we've the original
      stairways and doors. Our next project is to  the garden to its original 18th century

3.  It was a great holiday. We explored this city in the middle of a desert.

4.  The old railway station's very ; it's not nice for visitors to our town to see it. The 
      town council should it because it's a building with a lot of .

5.   The house is . It's got all the latest gadjets.