11. Expressions for time.

11. Expressions for time.

Let's do something!

Main practice:   expressions of time
Revision:             how about  /  what about...?  -  supposed to -  by the way

how / what about…? - to make a suggestion, usually followed by a noun or ing, i.e.
-  Where do you want to go this weekend?
-  How about London?

  • What about eating out tonight, we could try that new Chinese restaurant?

midday - 12 noon, usually 12 pm.

midnight - 12 in the night, usually 12 am.

the day before yesterday  -  Monday, if the day of speaking is Wednesday

the day after tomorrow  -  Friday, if the day of speaking is Wednesday

this  /  next + days of the week (or months or years)  -  The rule is not precise but, generally, this + day refers to one/two days back or forward of the day of speaking, i.e.
"this Thursday", said on Tuesday the 1st means Thursday the 3rd, and next Thursday, spoken on Tuesday the 1st means Thursday the 10th.  But "this Thursday" spoken on Friday the 4th would mean Thursday the 3rd.

Other days, going forward, would be next, and back, would be last. So, speaking on Tuesday 1st, going back beyond Sunday would be last - I saw them last Friday, for example  -  and going forward, next  -  I'm seeing them next Friday  -  ie, Friday the 11th.
Tim, Mike and Ravi are trying to arrange a meeting with their school class-mates to decide how they can help reduce poverty in the world.

Complete the conversation with the correct expressions.
Tim:  Okay, everybody, yesterday, me, Mike, and Ravi were-

Mike: No, .

Tim:   Oh, sorry, , we were discussing world poverty and wondering
             how we could do something.

Ravi:   And we want to arrange a meeting with you to plan something we could do, as a class.

Mike:  So how about , tomorrow?

Liz:      Sorry, four of us have drama club at that time.

Tim:    Okay, then ?

Rob:    Sorry, Tim, some of us have football practice Wednesday, but
              Wednesday, we're free, then?

Ravi:   Okay, is that all right for everybody?

Everybody: Yes!


Complete the conversation.

this (x 2) -  the day after tomorrow  -  midday  -  the day before yesterday  - next

Don't forget to use capital letters at the start of sentences.

- Have you seen Jan recently?

- Well, we were supposed to meet but Jan couldn't make it
   so now we're meeting .

- Oh, what time?

- At , at the Park Cafe.

- May I join you?

- Of course, that would be lovely.

- By the way, when are you next going to your yoga class?

- Thursday, at eleven. Do you want to come?

- Thursday or ?

- , in three days time.