9. To worry or not to worry?

9. To worry or not to worry?

Tim and friends worry, or not, about the future.

Main practice:   vocabulary about worrying and not worrying
Revision:             Present Continuous - to have a point

anxious - feeling worried or nervous, i.e.
  • He's anxious about his job interview.

anyway - often used to end a topic of conversation and start another, i.e.
  • …. so after that he had to change his job. Anyway, what're you doing next weekend?

calm - relaxed, not nervous or tense, i.e.
  • He's a great boss, always calm no matter how busy and stressful things are.

chill - (verb) be calm, relax, i.e.
- We're going to be late. I hate turning up late.
- Chill…we're only going to twenty minutes late, they'll understand.

concerned - worried, i.e.
  • We're very concerned about the air pollution levels in the town.

decent - a) of good quality, b) having good moral standards, i.e.
a) It was a decent movie.
b) He behaved decently and paid for the damage he'd done to my car.

disturb - a) to cause worry, b) to interrupt, i.e.
a) The number of homeless people in the city is disturbing.
b) Don't disturb me, I'm busy!

freaked out - (slang) become very worried or over emotional about something, i.e.
  • She had a party and now she's really freaked out about what her parents will say when they come back and see the damage to the house.

(to) have a point - to have a good argument, or good aspect to an overall argument, i.e.
-  Yes, but the programme is on at eight o'clock, and a lot of children are watching at that time.
-  You have a point, okay, the programme should be on later. 

there's no point + ing - it's not necessary; there's no good reason to do it, i.e.
  • There's no point getting angry about it, that won't help us.
  • There's no point inviting her, she never comes to parties.

I wonder - I am thinking; I am curious, i.e.
  • He's wondering what to cook for the dinner party.
  • I wonder, do you think we could drive there in three hours?
  • I wonder if we'll ever be able to time travel.

- expecting the worst to happen; only seeing the negative aspects of
                          something, i.e.
-  Their wedding day's going to be a disaster; there hasn't been enough time to prepare
-  Stop being pessimistic, it's going to be fine.

screw up - (slang) to make a mistake, or do something badly, i.e.
  • She screwed up with the journey schedule so we got the wrong train.
  • I really screwed up my exam.

tense - nervous, worried, i.e.
  • He's got to give a TV interview and he's really tense about it.
  • She always gets tense before she goes on stage but once she starts singing she's fine.
Tim and Mike worry about the future of the world while Ravi is calmer about it all and tries to be more positive. 

Complete the conversation.

Mike:  I'm going to stop watching the news. Everything I see makes me tense and .

Ravi:   Like what?

Mike:  Oh, climate change, countries getting nuclear weapons, terrorism, pollution…

Tim:   Yeah, those issues me too. I wonder if there'll a decent world for us when we
             grow up.

Ravi:  Hey, , you guys. There's no point getting freaked out about stuff you can't change.
             Why screw up your present worrying about a future that might not happen?

Mike:  Except that it might.

Ravi:   And it might not. Be . Anyway, if it you that much then
             do something about it.

Mike:  Such as what, I mean, we're only sixteen?

Tim:   Ravi's got a point. It's no good just being pessimistic about everything.

Mike:  So what should we do?

Tim:   I don't know, but I'm going to think about it.

(See next conversation for Tim's suggestions.)


Complete the sentences.

(calm - *concerned - anxious - worries - anyway - disturbs)

*Often used about impersonal issues, while anxious is usually about more personal situations.

1.  - I'm getting , she should've been home two hours ago and she's not answering her    
     - Don't worry so much, she's with friends and having a good time. , asking a
        seventeen-year old to come home by ten o'clock on a Saturday is too early.

2.  It me how much money he's spending when he should be saving some.

3. -  Was he nervous?
    -  No, very . He stood up in front of a thousand people and gave a great speech.

4.  I'm really about climate change. If we don't control it, it could be
     catastrophic for every country.