12. Reason, cause, result.

12. Reason, cause, result.

Sam makes a complaint.

Main Practice:   Expressing reason, purpose, result.
Revision:             Present Perfect, the Passive, Questions

as / since / because  - for the reason that, i.e.
- As it's a lovely day, let's go for a walk.
- Since you've worked so hard this year, the company are going to increase your salary.
- Because she has to travel a lot in her job she's often away from home.

consequently - (more formal) as a result, i.e.
- She started talking about her problems on Youtube. Consequently, she now has a million  

- The creators of Google invented a search engine that was fast, accurate and easy to use.
   Consequently, it's the Internet's biggest search engine.

so that - purpose, i.e.
- He wrote the book so that his grandchildren would know about his life.
- They returned to Rome so that their children would learn Italian.

(to) accuse - to say that someone has done something wrong or illegal, i.e.
- The teacher accused the boy of cheating in the exam.

(to) apologise  -  to say sorry, i.e.
- We apologise for the delay in answering your email. 

(to) cancel  -  to decide a planned event will not happen, i.e.
- The party is cancelled because John is ill.

(to) demand - a strong request for something, i.e.
- I demand that we have a discount because the waiter brought our food so late.

(to) exaggerate  -  to make something sound larger or more important than it is, i.e.
- He said his house cost £500,000 but he was exaggerating; it cost £425,000. 

(a/the) refund -  a repayment of money, i.e.
- The flight was cancelled and the airline refunded everybody's fare.

Tim's new desk hasn't been delivered. Sam phones the manager to complain.

Complete the sentences - in two answers as - since - because are all correct.
(Man = manager)

Sam:  We ordered a desk from you four weeks ago but it still hasn't been delivered.

Man:  I apologise, but two of my drivers are off sick we are,
            , late with all our deliveries.

Sam:  Really? But four weeks? When did your drivers become sick?

Man:  Well, that is confidential information, I'm afraid I can't tell you.

Sam:  You know, I think your drivers haven't been sick for four weeks and this is just bad

Man:  Madam, are you saying I'm lying to you?

Sam:  Yes, or you are exaggerating your customers won't accuse you of bad service.
            But if my son's desk is not delivered within twenty-four hours I'll cancel the order and
            demand a refund of our money.

Man:  We'll do our best, Madam.

Sam:  Fine, and please make sure your best is good enough. You've got twenty-four hours.


Complete the sentences. 

1.   There has been a heavy fall of snow.   , all roads over the hills are closed. 

2.   there are no trains running this afternoon we shall have to take a bus.

3.   I've parked the car in the street  you can *clear out the garage. 

4.   We've come early we can help you get the room ready for the party.

5.   you don't like the theatre you don't have to join us to see the play.

6.   they thought the weather would always be hot they didn't bring any
     warm clothes.  , they couldn't join us on the mountain tour as the
     temperture has now dropped to five degrees. 

* To throw away things that are no longer needed.