10. Vague language (1)

10. Vague language (1)

How're things going at school?

Main practise:   Vague language  -  (vague - not precise or clear) 
Revision:              Phrasal Verbs  -  Present Continuous for an arranged future action

Vocabulary -  *all this language is informal.
a bit  -  a little; common in spoken English, (can't be used with positive adjectives), i.e.
  • It's a bit cold today. 
  • Can I have a bit more cake?
  • She's a bit tired right now. 

(to) clear up  -  (Phrasal Verb) to clean and tidy, i.e.
  • Please clear up your mess in the kitchen before you go out.
  • Let's try and get the house cleared up before your parents come for lunch.

How're things...?  -  a general enquiry about someone's life, can be specific, too, i.e. 
  • Hi, how're things? (a general enquiry)
  • How're things with your job?
  • How're things at university?

more or less  -  about; approximately, i.e.
- How much did your car cost?
- Two thousand pounds, more or less

- How did the interview go?
- It was more or less okay, I made one or two mistakes, I think.

stuff  -  for uncountable nouns, when it is not necessary to be exact, i.e.
  • Can we clear this stuff off the table so we can eat?
  • She's moving to a smaller house so she's got a lot of stuff she wants to sell.

(to) turn up  -  (Phrasal Verb) to come, arrive, i.e.
  • Can everyone please turn up on time tomorrow; our coach leaves at eight.
  • He always turns up when a party's nearly finished.
Bill and Sam ask their son, Tim, about how things are going at school.

Complete the sentences.

Bill: How're going at school?

Tim: Fine.

Sam: Could you say more? Are you enjoying your courses, Tim?

Tim: Mmm, .

Bill: More or less?

Tim: Well, I enjoy some but not others. I like English, but economics is
           difficult and the teacher is, well, boring, and the class is too
           large for her to give us much individual help.

Sam: How many students?

Tim: Mmm, about thirty.

Bill: Well, that is a lot. Are you sure?

Tim: Yeah, . All right, Mum, Dad, I've got to go. I'm meeting Jane at seven.

Sam: Hold on, have you cleared up that on the stairs?

Tim: Oh, my sports kit. It needs washing.

Sam: Fine, but don't leave it on the stairs, put it in the washing basket.

Tim: Okay, Mum. Bye now, see you later.

Bill: Don't be late, you've got school tomorrow.


Complete the sentences.
Remember to use a capital letter where necessary.

things  -  stuff  -  turned up  -  a bit  -  more or less  -  

1.  - Have you finished your essay?
     - , I just have to edit it more.

2.  - How're going at the shop?
     - Great, we're really busy.

3.    You've brought too much : we're only going away for in weekend London, 
       not trekking the Himalays for three weeks!

4.  - How many people for the meeting?
     - Forty, .

5.   - How was your holiday?
      - Well, some days, the weather was cold but we had a good time.